Rand Fishkin’s view of the Evolution of SEO — Rand Fishkin // Sparktoro

Today, we're incredibly fortunate to be graced by the presence of the godfather of modern SEO himself, Rand Fishkin, Co- founder and CEO at SparkToro, which helps enterprise marketers and product folks of all stripes uncover the publications and people that influence their target audience. spark Toros powerful data set contains 70 million public websites and social profiles with a simple to use research tool that is free to try. Rand is also the author of the book, Lost and Founder. He was also the founder of a little SEO company called Moz. For our 1st part conversation, Rand and I are going to talk about the evolution of search marketing from his perspective.

Show Notes


  • “It's a massive sea change from what it was” - Rand

  • “Generally speaking, I'm concerned about Google getting more and more aggressive breaking into more and more search results themselves, taking away clicks and click opportunities and sector after sector. “ Rand

  • “Don't get me wrong that important backlink is still important, but social channels are just as important. “ - Benjamin

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