Site migration development & implementation — Doug Bell // Searchmetrics

Show Notes

  • ? 01:40
    What development looks like for a site migration with Searchmetrics
    ? 03:55 -Design team taking precedence over SEO


  • “This is the point where you go away from concept and wireframes to actually building in Wordpress. The user experience tends to be very important.” -Doug

  • “Theres a huge difference between the perception of how your user experience will play out towards the design and what endsup happening when youre loading that content in there.” -Doug

  • “There is also a huge amount of internal linking going on especially even if you are doing just a small adaptation of the website architecture but youre constantly looking at improving that linking and building site migration plan. In our case, we had 18,000 links to migrate.” -Doug

  • “The designers win and the funny thing is, our SEO had no problem with that at all and in fact, they were encouraging it. We have to be at the cutting edge with Searchmetrics and SEO understands the importance of being user-friendly and as I call it, user-empathy on the site.” -Doug

  • “We had challenges on the DevOps side, nothing to do with DevOps team but its just a lot of complexity. We actually had a huge hiccup when it came to the brand identity.” -Doug

  • “The person that created the Searchmetrics brand manifesto that started all this for us got to the end of the editing process and said, This is a nightmare. Your content is all over the place and youre not telling a story. At the end of the day, we had too many cooks in the kitchen and scramble in the last couple of days.” -Doug

  • “Do not short your stage environment. In other words, youre trying to create to, as close and pristine representation of what you are going to launch.” -Doug

  • “If you are not paying attention to your old internal linking, that is going to be a challenge for you. Involve your SEO team, do the best practices, check-in your site map, the old and the new site map with Google Search Consul. But before you do that, take your SEO team, sit them down and make sure that you are publishing this correctly.” -Doug

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