Black Friday on a Tuesday?

Show Notes


  • “I was checking through the top 10 e-commerce sites and out of the top 10, every single one had black Friday promos already running on the homepage, except for just three of the players out of the top 10 groups.” - Tyson

  • “People have the opportunity to be able to dial in and get their pages optimized. And the problem is there's no Friday, there are no big events,” - Benjamin

  • “ Right now we're not seeing the sharp increase we typically see around this time” - Tyson

  • “Its an extended holiday season this year. Hopefully, it means that we get to celebrate. God knows we've earned it. “ -Benjamin

  • “The Season's already started. Promotions are out. And we're actually already seeing even some like ranking shifts for the term Black Friday, which typically you see closer to the event.” - Tyson

  • “Its kind of trying to prime people and spark the interest now.” -Tyson on Black Friday

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