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    Thinking about what content to prioritize in the holiday season
    ? 04:12 -Categories that will thrive this year


  • “With everything that is going in this year, you probably have a lot of room for opportunity in refreshing the content. I think sometimes with holiday prep we get a little lazy. I would bet that this year there are more changes that are needed for that content refresh, in particular, is a contactless pick-up.” -Tyson

  • “I would first think about what are scalable, more targeted content changes that would pages a whole lot more competitive or more relevant during this season. On research, I would simply be prioritizing it based on what drove the most business last year and also what is thepeak in search demand.” -Tyson

  • “Home fitness and luxury fashion are going to thrive and also the home lounge. That is something pretty common around Christmas time.” -Tyson

  • “You took the words out of my mouth, it is going to be the home goods this year and some of the home devices, connected home. I wouldnt be surprised to see some of the big manufacturers, like Apple is going to be announcing new iPhones here shortly. Amazon and Google as well.” -Ben

  • “From outside of content you could be doing, giving different weights for your internal linking algorithms for the categories that are rising up. From the content side, you could take that as one of the factors you could go into how you prioritize which pieces you address, you could also call out some of those trending items in the larger parent categories.” -Tyson

  • “There is something to be said for starting your marketing efforts whether its through SEO or other channels early to raise the awareness. Get those initial impressions in front of your consumers now. They might not be in buy mode but when they are ready to pull the trigger, they will understand what your product is.” -Ben

  • “Part of that too is that I would be looking at bigger ticket items and my take is that they are going to pick up earlier this year than like the Black Friday time point. So I say for that top of funnel editorial content especially if it is a Buy-In Guide for a new TV model, for instance, thats something I would want to get out quite a bit earlier.” -Tyson

  • “If I was to give a cookie cutter answer, I would say that typically, with your bigger ticket item, its going to be a little bit of longer-form content but theres obviously a lot of nuance to that.” -Tyson

  • “I think earlier on the holiday prep, I am going to lean a little bit more towards the editorial especially that new pieces of content that arent existing versus giving a refresh to it.” -Tyson

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