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Steffen Hederbrandt, CMO and Co-Founder of, talks about content and revenue drivers in B2B businesses. In B2B marketing, the buyer journey isn't linear, so it can be challenging to connect our activities to the revenue made. The value of content is often misunderstood, but is attempting to make this process a lot easier for SEOs and B2B businesses. Today, Steffen discusses content as a revenue driver.
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Steffen Hdebrandt

 is a little camera shy

Steffen is CMO and Co-Founder of

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  • 01:27
    What does for B2B businesses
    For B2B businesses, tracking revenue through the buyer journey can challenging as the journey is not linear. In response, is a B2B go-to-market data platform that tracks paid and unpaid channels to connect activities to revenue made.
  • 05:13
    Developing a content strategy that generates revenue
    A study showed that on average, it takes 192 days from first touch to becoming a customer, and up to five contacts are involved. So, content has to be unique and cater to the contacts involved in the deal to keep them engaged through to purchase.
  • 09:47
    Ensuring your content caters to everyone involved in B2B deals
    Research the titles of those involved so that your content can speak to a variety of concerns. The content on your website must cater to the needs of all involved so that they can sell your solution internally.
  • 11:25
    How SEOs can understand the impact of content on revenue
    Its really about understanding the full journey of users. So beyond landing pages, SEOs need to focus on understanding the main business pages driving decision-making to highlight where in the journey content has an impact.
  • 16:04
    Measuring the ROI of content and identifying opportunities for growth
    It boils down to identifying the URLs that pull the most search traffic while driving the most revenue. Then, using tools like Searchmetrics, you can identify ways to amplify those pages with link-building, on-page optimization, etc.


  • "Whether you do paid ads, search, or social stuff, all of us struggle to connect our activities to money made." -Steffen Hederbrandt, CMO,

  • "From the first touch until you sell to an account takes an average of 192 days in B2B. If your SEO piece sits at that very first session, it's hard to connect it through to the deal being won." -Steffen Hederbrandt, CMO,

  • "When we win deals at Dreamdata, there are five people on average involved. There's no way that Google Analytics is able to connect the dots in a meaningful way." -Steffen Hederbrandt, CMO,

  • "When you do attribution in B2B, instead of having these five people as five individuals that are completely disconnected, the data model needs to understand these people as part of the same journey." -Steffen Hederbrandt, CMO,

  • "There are two cases of content. There's content that starts journeys. But then there are the articles you write because they're important as people are making decisions about buying your product." -Steffen Hederbrandt, CMO,

  • "Sometimes as an SEO, you neglect that there are other pages than the landing pages that are important pieces of content as well." -Steffen Hederbrandt, CMO,

  • "B2C typically has an eCommerce web shop like Nike Shoe bought, then sends that information back to Google Analytics. In B2B, we don't have that checkout system." -Steffen Hederbrandt, CMO,

About the speaker

Steffen Hdebrandt

 is a little camera shy

Steffen is CMO and Co-Founder of

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