Google’s New Search Features — Jordan Koene // CEO and Co-Founder, Jordan Koene, talks about Google’s new SERP features. Google’s collection and use of data has always been widely debated. Now that they’ve teamed up with eCommerce giants like Shopify, they have an even deeper level of access now. Today, Jordan discusses what SEOs should know about Google’s new SERP features.
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Jordan Koene

 is a little camera shy

Jordan is Co-Founder & CEO of PreVisible

Show Notes

  • 01:42
    Googles new SERP features and local listings
    Google has updated the way they display organic and local listings on the SERP. Results are more personalized for signed-in users. For example, Youtube video carousels, etc.
  • 02:48
    Changes being tested on local listings
    The map is larger for desktop users, which increases business visibility. Theres also been an increase in visibility for organic listings when looking at local results.
  • 04:05
    Why Google is changing the local experience
    Its Googles way of trying to improve the local experience for users. Theyre testing out new user experiences that arent as controlled by maps and local packs.
  • 04:55
    How Google has increased personalization on the SERP
    Carousels for featured Youtube videos. Google has also adjusted the way brands can interact with their consumers when they are signed into the browser.
  • 06:22
    How Google is using data from eCommerce players
    Through their partnerships and acquisitions, Google has more access to user data. As a result, the SERP can provide results that are highly customized to the users online behavior.
  • 09:13
    How Google is displaying organic ads
    Bullet points are being used for the meta description. For some search results, bullet points are better fitting for the description than a sentence.
  • 10:42
    How SEOs should approach content structure
    SEOs should be thinking about page and description content structure. These areas are critical to being featured on the SERP.
  • 12:30
    SEO opportunities with Googles new SERP features
    The update gives SEOs more opportunities to connect with users at the SERP level. As brands get more real estate on the SERP, there are more opportunities for brand exposure.


  • "In some instances, when you're looking at local results, you're staying in an organic result set. You're not being pushed onto the map, which is beneficial for organic results." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder,

  • "Google is testing whether there's better experiences for users that arent as controlled by Google assets like maps and the local pack." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder,

  • "If Im searching for videos, Google now shows me a whole carousel of YouTube videos. Because they know that I'm signed into YouTube." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder,

  • "The SERP is less and less about 10 blue links that show up on the page. And more about various customized experiences being displayed for a user, depending on how they behave on the internet." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder,

  • "If you rank number one for videos for cat, you're never getting a click. There are so many choices for you, before the first ranking result. So the CTR will be awful." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder,

  • "Google started testing bullet points for the meta description. With certain search results, it makes more sense to display a page description with bullet points than in sentence structure." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder,

  • "As SEOs, we should be thinking about how we leverage critical descriptions of a page and the content on our pages to be featured. So that Google can use them in the SERP." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder,

  • "With Googles new search features, youre getting more brand exposure. And more overall real estate to your website when these experiences are being displayed." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder,

About the speaker

Jordan Koene

 is a little camera shy

Jordan is Co-Founder & CEO of PreVisible

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