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  • “There are a couple of things to think about. One is, everyone needs a place to live and there is a hierarchy pyramid where at the bottom is like you have a safe place to live. At the bottom of Maslowshierarchy is that everyone needs a place to live and its really important for people to find the right home. People are nervous about it because usually, its the biggest purchase they will make their whole life.” -Jeff “

  • As a product team, we want to make sure that we make it easy for people so theres going to be a lot of content that we are going to produce to help people walk through their first time home buyer experience. Should they buy or rent, should they live in the city or the suburb, or country so we have to empathetic and make sure we have all the content they need before they make that big purchase.” -Jeff

  • “The next thing we think about is how people are, emotionally and where they are as far as how nervous they are and do we have enough content to help them with that. We definitely have different personas depending on where they are on that journey.” -Jeff

  • “On the other hand, for other people that own homes that may be thinking about selling and across the United States right now is moreof a sellers market, more people are looking for homes that are selling so because of COVID and where we are at the economy, we have content for sellers when is the right time to sell.” -Jeff

  • “There are different ways to create content and market it ina way that, for instance mapping out the 17 steps in buying a home and then do we have great content for all those 17 steps. Then maybe if the buyer already has a home but the family is growing, its time to get a different home that is a different journey because now they have to worry about selling and buying.” -Jeff

  • “It seems like in the market fluctuation there is a big important thing with high-ticket prices like real estate. Its not just, Is this the right house, its also about, Is this the right time, Is it going to appreciate or depreciate?” -Ben

  • “Definitely I think with COVID 19, people that lived in big cities and these luxury apartment buildings that a year ago seemed like a great place, in March -April of this year they started thinking its not such a great place to live. That they would rather live out in the country or in the suburb where they have a big backyard instead of being locked down.” -Jeff

  • “Things have changed dramatically in the last six months of what people think about as far as making an investment. The second thing I think of is, where is the economy? So are people more likely to take a risk right now or are they going to wait things out and see.” -Jeff

  • “It seems like a lot of that is really an editorial decision of how to figure out what content is relevant in real-time and it puts a lot of need on constantly producing content in a fluctuating market.” -Ben

  • “I think the difference is, that the competition in real estate is very, very good. They have a very competent SEO team so the way you think about risk, the way you think about triple-checking everything before you go live becomes a lot more important.” -Jeff

  • “With Disney, I felt that although we had high expectation, if for instance, Disney Australia lost 10% of the traffic, no one would probably notice and thats definitely not the case in real estate because the competitors are all going after the samekeyword, the same markets like we all want to be number one in LA, San Francisco so there is more pressure for our team to be excellent in every way and we have less room for error.” -Jeff

  • August 24, 2020

About the speaker

Jeff Preston


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