How is the Corona virus impacting mobile SEO behaviors — Cindy Crumb // Mobile Moxie

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    Changes in mobility in light of the coronavirus
    ? 03:31 - Is there a shift in the way people are searching


  • “What we can see is an obvious increase in everything and anything thatcan be delivered as well as online experiences. So we know that Zoomis taking off as a means of communication. There is also a surge in online gaming and uses of apps for entertainment, Netflix or any kind of video streaming. Theres also an increase in job searches and use of gig economy types of app to help people who have been laid off or furloughed to help keep the cash flowing.” -Cindy

  • “I do think that there will probably be a bump in mobile searches because many people lose their access to a computer if they lost their job so they may be switching to phone-only or tablet.” -Cindy

  • “When we talk about the impact of the coronavirus on how mobile adaption is actually happening, access to devices becomes the really critical component.” -Ben

  • “Now, with everyone at home, there are a lot of companies that have shifted into having a free delivery online and for years I have resented shipping fees because I know how much companies save in terms of store, showroomsand all that so Im really happy about that and it makes using online shopping more appealing.” -Cindy

  • “One of the places where I see the biggest shift caused by the coronavirus is, all of the brick and mortar, or local service or retailer that doesnthave an established e-commerce presence, now all of sudden is behind the eight ball. Thats the business that Im concerned about.” -Ben

  • “As we think about the shift to mobility especially for e-commerce, my guess is that there is a lot of opportunities here. My guess is that there are going to be services that you see pop up that help the boutique businesses move towards a digital offering.” -Ben

  • “Its too early to tell how much the being at home is going to drive voice search. Boredom may drive a lot of experimentation.” -Cindy

  • “Tele-medicine has a distinct need right now. It is pretty great if you dont actually have to be touched and seen by a doctor and in terms of saving time, effort and energy.” -Cindy

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