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Jordan Koene, Co-Founder and CEO of, talks about what’s happening in SEO news. Bing Chat's recent updates, including its ability to integrate with third-party plugins, have the potential to make a real impact in the search market. While it may not yet rival Google's dominance, the increasing adoption of Bing Chat and its new features suggest that it is a platform on the rise. Today, Jordan discusses the impact of Bing Chat’s upgrade.
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Jordan Koene


Jordan is CEO and Co-Founder of

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  • 02:27
    Bing Chats new updates
    Recently, Microsoft announced that, in an effort to facilitate the growth of Bing Chat, theres no longer going to be a waitlist. In addition, many new features have been added to Bing Chat.
  • 03:26
    The impact of Bing Chats barriers to entry on user experience
    Requiring users to join a waitlist, and download Microsoft Edge, creates significant barriers that can negatively impact the user experience. However, while users will still need to use Microsoft Edge and have a Microsoft account, removing the waitlist eliminates one of the barriers.
  • 04:35
    Bing Chats new features and their benefits
    Bings access improvements will provide them with more data to leverage. The new features include more visual capabilities like images and charts, and the Bing image creator, which allows users to upload images and search for related content and images in Bing Chat.
  • 05:39
    The challenges of generative AI and image based results
    Bing and other generative AI companies face challenges in delivering image-based results, particularly in the creative sphere. As a result, there's progress that needs to be made in terms of the ability to refine images within Bing Chats image creator.
  • 07:04
    Bing Chat's push for third party plugins and partnerships
    Features like chat history and the ability to save and export charts and data have been added. Additionally, Bing Chat is venturing into third-party plugins and allowing third-party developers to support and engage with Bing Chat, to gain market share against Google.
  • 08:13
    The impact of Bing Chat's updates in the search market
    Bing Chat's integrations, like the ability to book restaurant reservations with OpenTable, are an example of how everyday users can leverage the technology to perform a successful task. This move will likely help Bing take market share from Google.
  • 09:09
    Google's response to Bing Chat's updates
    Google recently announced its AI-generated search engine and will likely focus on partnerships to integrate its technology with other companies, such as Samsung and Cisco. However, the technology is not yet at a point where it can make a significant impact.
  • 10:42
    Bing Chats user adoption rates
    Bing Chat has had over half a billion chats, and over 100 million daily active users in the last 90 days. Theyve also had 4x daily installs of the Bing mobile app over the last 90 days, indicating their ability to retain existing users and attract new ones to use their technology.


  • "The more friction in the process, the less likely you're going to have a customer or a successful user be happy with that experience." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "Bing image creator is available in 100 different languages, and gives users the ability to upload images and search for related images or content within Bing Chat." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "It's very challenging for any generative AI to be very good at delivering an image-based result as you go more and more into the creative sphere versus the retrieval sphere." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "The ability to have third-party developers support and engage with Bing Chat is critical for Bing Chat to gain market share and be a threat to Google." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "ChatGPT and Bing Chat are going to have to develop third-party partnerships to scale to the size they need to get the data and insights they want to evolve the product." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "If you have an AI-powered search engine, this becomes an asset and a tool you can sell, integrate, or partner with companies like Samsung and Cisco." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "Bing Chat had over 100 million daily active users, and they've had 4x daily installs over the last 90 days of the Bing mobile app." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

About the speaker

Jordan Koene


Jordan is CEO and Co-Founder of

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