Understanding historical trends using keyword data

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    Mining historical trends and why is it important
    ? 04:17 -Data used to understand the historical trend


  • “I think, as SEOs a lot of times we get into like, What is the opportunity today? but by getting that historical context, you get a full picture of where the market and industry is headed and without that historical lends, its just a snapshot.” -Tyson

  • “Going back to what we mentioned in skiing and snowboarding. A lot of the notion and mindset in the US was, snowboarding was this big increase in the 90s and that snowboarding is now more popular than skiing. But when you dig into the trend aspect of it, you will see that skiing has a faster growth rate, a faster trend line that is going on.” -Tyson

  • “The biggest challenge of the historical is actually getting into the data and at Searchmetrics we have the years and years of ranking data and with that, we also obtain the search volume with each point. I would say that partnering with someone that has accessand has been storing the historical.” -Tyson

  • “How far back does your data go? Are you able to surface any of that data? Can I tap into that data? This is an area where there are quite a lot of players that can provide demand but to be able to dive into that historical that cool shrinks down tremendously, most companies out there are going to have some sort of partner and giving them those questions very specifically, can serve your business.” -Tyson

  • “I think the big question is, whats the scope that we are talking about, like how granular do we want to be going and how many categories and how broad of a set are we looking at. Make sure that you have the right structure of what the reports and findings to look at. It is going to be the biggest and important piece.” -Tyson

  • “Its one thing to say, hey I need historical data but that is not really going to get you to the actual position yet. Its more of coming with, okay this is the structure, these are the categories of interest. Im looking to go this many levels down. Having that foresight of knowing how granular the data set that you need, is the most important piece because it is what is going to limit what you get in return.” -Tyson

  • “The farther you go back, the more macro lens you use. So if you are looking at a monthly value use, using like a twelve-month lens or quarterly lens is going to be the most useful. If you go farther years back, using more of an annual, overarching as far as the demand throughout it. You want to keep the more granular monthly data to the shorter scope and the farther back you go keep a more broad lens.” -Tyson

  • “The reason why this is important where we have already talked about understanding the demand for your product. Right there is a snapshot of how many people are in-market that you can gain from your search data and you can also have a history of what the trajectory of your industry and of your business looks like. That is really where historical data comes into view.” -Ben

  • “Theres also the idea that you are not the only brand, product, or service vying for your customers attention.” -Ben

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