Google’s Core Update, Again? — Jordan Koene // Previsible

Jordan Koene, PreVisible CEO and Co-Founder, discusses a little SEO news. While Google’s helpful content update did not have the devastating outcome that was anticipated by the community, it was likely a data gathering exercise. With a new core algorithm update announcement on September 12th, it is highly likely that there will be a lot of rank changes and major shifts in traffic driving positions in the near future. Today, Jordan talks about Google's core update.
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Jordan Koene

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Jordan is CEO and Co-Founder of

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  • 02:27
    Potential impact from the combination of the helpful content update and core updates
    While the helpful content update may not have produced a change in many websites, when combined with upcoming updates, the effects could be significant. Essentially, the combination of these updates could affect websites.
  • 04:21
    The focus of Googles core updates
    The core updates are focused on content quality and ensuring websites are addressing the E-A-T factors. Furthermore, the core updates affect all websites throughout Googles index.
  • 05:42
    Websites that will be impacted by core updates
    The sites most likely to be impacted are websites that use reviews from third parties and websites that use UGC from other sites. Google is also likely to make changes to combat the manipulation of People Also Ask and FAQs.
  • 07:42
    How Google announced the upcoming core update to the SEO community
    The announcement was made via Googles official ranking updates page in Search Central. Representatives from Google also made the announcement about the update via Twitter.
  • 08:35
    How SEOs should be dealing with core algorithm updates
    SEOs should be monitoring their Google Analytics, Search Console, and other ranking tools for any changes over the next two weeks. Checks should be to see how your rank position is changing and whats happening to your site.
  • 09:55
    What to do if your site is impacted by an algorithm update
    Remove elements like FAQs and third-party content that dont provide any value to your website. Monitor the impact of these actions over a two to four week period after the removal.


  • "If my numbers are correct for 2022, this is our second core update. We had a May core update. Now we're having a September core update with a bunch of big, important media announcements in between them." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "Core updates focus on addressing the E-A-T factors, expertise, authority, trust. Google is going to be leveraging all three of those components as a part of their search quality guidelines." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "I wouldn't be surprised if we start to see big shifts in sites that have combined content and repurposed content from multiple sources. Websites that use reviews from third parties are good examples of this." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "As a part of this core update, I think Google's going to make some major shifts in the way that they leverage Google owned assets, local pack, map pack, video carousel, image carousel, and PAA." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "The helpful content update was a data gathering exercise. The core update is where there's going to be a lot of rank changes and major shifts in actual traffic driving positions." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "Over the next two weeks, you should be monitoring your Google Analytics very carefully. You should be looking in Search Console to see how your rank position is changing." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "September 9th, Google's helpful content update ended. September 12, Google releases the core update. Both of these updates are roughly about two weeks of time." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "If you are getting impacted by this core update, remove content that is useless. Then, monitor the impact over a two to four week period after the removal or deprecation of this content." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "If a page is seeing a decrease in rankings over this two week period, it's likely due to a component of that page not having value. That's where you want to go in and surgically remove." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

About the speaker

Jordan Koene

 is a little camera shy

Jordan is CEO and Co-Founder of

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