Do Google properties ignore Core Web Vitals? — Marcus Tober // Searchmetrics

Show Notes


  • “ Google is probably unfairly prioritizing their own properties, because it makes good business sense.” - Benjamin

  • “ I think at the end of the day, when we look at how Google is prioritizing core web vitals on their own property, it's not a great comparison for what you should do with your website” - Benjamin

  • “So the best practice here is not to follow Google as an example. It is look at the benchmarks in your industry, see who is performing the best in terms of core web vitals rankings and try to beat them and not necessarily comparing yourself to the big G.” - Benjamin

  • “ In the end, it's not binary. “ - Marcus

  • “if you follow like the path of optimizing your site, according to core web vitals, you can never lose, you can only win.” - Marcus

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