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Katrina McKinnon, Founder of CopySmiths, discusses content creation best practices. The digital shopping experience today is more based on trust than it has ever been. So, while conversion tactics like button color aren’t likely to work as well, what potential customers and Google are looking for is your social proof of the buying experience. Today, Katrina talks about creating high-performance eCommerce content.
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Katrina McKinnon


Katrina is the Founder of CopySmiths

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    Why CopySmiths specialized in eCommerce content
    Initially, Katrina was running an online marketing agency that started to fail. In a last-ditch effort, Katrina started creating blog content for clients which developed into serving the eCommerce community.
  • 04:14
    Creating high
    When an eCommerce store wants to get organic traffic, theyll approach CopySmiths. In turn, CopySmiths will create blog content that brings in that organic traffic for them.
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    How CopySmiths approaches top, middle, and bottom of the funnel content
    CopySmiths starts off with top of the funnel content first to attract an organic audience to us, to client stores. Then, they start writing more middle and bottom funnel content after becoming more familiar with the products.
  • 07:00
    Fun drunk auntie content
    This is top-of-the-funnel content thats experimental and used for creating brand awareness. It generally gets higher volumes of traffic and people tend to dwell longer on those pieces, reducing bounce rates.
  • 10:08
    Getting past top of the funnel content to nurture and purchase
    Through working with numerous affiliates and eCommerce stores, CopySmiths has developed templates for best practices. And, they get people to product and consideration pages by creating moments of curiosity.
  • 13:17
    Achieving conversions from product pages in eCommerce
    Nowadays, this is achieved by showing authority and expertise to gain trust. And, you do this by adding UGC content to product pages to indicate that people have had good experiences with the store.
  • 15:49
    Building credibility and trust through social proof
    For all their blog articles, CopySmiths adds credibility by adding customer testimonials. Doing this shows both readers and Google that there are other voices adding to the conversation.


  • "Agency work is absolutely brutal. You have to be able to grow. Whereas, if I specialize in just one thing, I can be the best at it, as opposed to trying to do everything." -Katrina McKinnon, Founder, CopySmiths

  • "After 50 or 60 articles, we start writing more middle and bottom of the funnel content because we become more familiar with the products." -Katrina McKinnon, Founder, CopySmiths

  • "We do what we call fun drunk auntie content. And, that's the stuff that's a little bit left field. It's a little bit of an oddball and it's very experimental. That content is what takes off." -Katrina McKinnon, Founder, CopySmiths

  • "Whenever we work with people, we say, can you please take a chance on inviting the fun drunk auntie to the party? When you do, she'll either not work at all, or she's going to make everything zing." -Katrina McKinnon, Founder, CopySmiths

  • "We've written 5,000 articles over the last couple of years and worked with so many eCommerce stores that we've developed templates with all the good stuff that we've learned." -Katrina McKinnon, Founder, CopySmiths

  • "When we first started, the button on a product buyers guide would be click here or buy now. We've now learned that the highest conversion rate is check price." -Katrina McKinnon, Founder, CopySmiths

  • "People click on images more than they click on links. So, we're able to get people through to product, category, or collection pages in Shopify by creating tiny moments of curiosity in our content." -Katrina McKinnon, Founder, CopySmiths

  • "In the eCommerce community, we're seeing a huge amount of user-generated content being added to product pages and to stores in general. That's the sort of stuff that gets people to convert." -Katrina McKinnon, Founder, CopySmiths

  • "Credibility is massive in all of our blog articles. We add credibility by adding customer testimonials. And that's what Google's looking for; all these different voices that add to the conversation." -Katrina McKinnon, Founder, CopySmiths

About the speaker

Katrina McKinnon


Katrina is the Founder of CopySmiths

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