Google’s Legal Troubles — Jordan Koene // Searchmetrics

SEO Strategist, Jordan Koene of Searchmetrics, gives an update on Google from a legal perspective. Lawsuits are a common occurrence for Google. Whether it’s the rationale for shifting traffic back to brands, stands to be seen. Companies are still demanding regulation and better business practices. Today, Jordan covers Google’s legal troubles.

Show Notes

  • 01:46
    Update on Googles legal troubles
    Google is usually dealing with a variety of lawsuits. Most noteworthy are the antitrust lawsuits coming from governments and other institutions.
  • 03:25
    Google and antitrust lawsuits
    Though some of them are still ongoing, Google has been able to beat most of the antitrust against them or face a small penalty.
  • 05:11
    Theres concern around a fair competitive market for consumers and other businesses in the marketplace. Lawsuits accuse Google of running ads and handling user in-app purchases unfairly.
  • 07:46
    U.S. antitrust lawsuit against Google
    Government institutions are evolving their claims in an effort to force tech giants into more fair business practices.
  • 09:22
    Politically motivated lawsuits
    While there are political components, the lawsuits are primarily based on Googles business practices. If Google loses the lawsuits, regulations could be forthcoming in advertising.
  • 11:04
    Lawsuits and Google in 2022
    Google will most likely file lawsuits of their own to reduce the access to states and regulators in relation to data collection. Litigation will be an ongoing process.


  • "There have been lawsuits with Google and Alphabet, their parent company, over employment issues, and how certain employees felt about the company." -Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist, Searchmetrics

  • "Classified players in Europe and Germany won their case and forcibly made Google make changes to the way that they render results in various markets in Europe." -Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist, Searchmetrics

  • "Googles fair practices, from a U.S. standpoint, have largely failed." -Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist, Searchmetrics

  • "There hasnt been an antitrust lawsuit in the United States against Google that has really seen any material impact to the business." -Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist, Searchmetrics

  • "The most notable antitrust lawsuit was earlier this year. The total damages Google faced was 20 million bucks." -Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist, Searchmetrics

  • "In late 2020, there was an anti lawsuit filed by 38 different states. That lawsuit is for a total of 1 trillion." -Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist, Searchmetrics

  • "The total fines for the European antitrust lawsuits total 9 billion." -Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist, Searchmetrics

  • "There are more substantiated claims around how Google creates practices for ads, practices for in-app purchases. This is similar to the lawsuits that took place between Epic Games and Apple." -Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist, Searchmetrics

  • "Yelp and TripAdvisor publicly attacked Google, and stated that regulators should intervene and provide more restrictions on how Google allows companies to advertise and access Google." -Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist, Searchmetrics

  • "There were many companies in favor of the California privacy act. There were various companies against it. In the end, everybody had to follow those requirements." -Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist, Searchmetrics

  • "If Google loses these lawsuits, rules may be imposed around advertising, collecting advertising money, and the way you can promote content from different businesses within your own results." -Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist, Searchmetrics

  • "The app antitrust lawsuit is scheduled for September 2023. We're just getting started in terms of the discovery process that the states are going to impose on the collection of information." -Jordan Koene, SEO Strategist, Searchmetrics

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