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Jordan Koene, CEO and Co-Founder of PreVisible, discusses important news in SEO. Marketing’s old habits could resurface. As data privacy laws increase, businesses may be driven towards investing more dollars in paid ads, and less into SEO. Today, Jordan looks into Google's new Privacy Sandbox
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Jordan Koene

 is a little camera shy

Jordan is Co-Founder and CEO at PreVisible

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  • 01:57
    Whats happening with Googles Privacy Sandbox
    This is Googles new topic API to regulate consumer data privacy. Its meant to regulate the type of consumer data that can be used by advertisers and technology companies.
  • 04:02
    How the Privacy Sandbox works
    Google now segments consumer browsing into cohorts. These cohorts are the different groupings that advertisers can use to make targeting determinations.
  • 05:26
    Concerns with Googles broad segmentation
    Theres the question of cohorts being too broad to actually be useful. Advertisers may put pressure on Google to make the data more granular.
  • 07:54
    Googles expansion of the cohorts
    It is likely to happen, but isnt the immediate concern. Many digital companies have emerged to solve data privacy issues due to increasing regulations around digital advertising.
  • 09:13
    How SEOs should be handling sandbox
    Firstly, identify what the cohorts are and how they map to your current keywords. Keep in mind that advertisers will be leveraging this data to optimize to individuals.
  • 11:12
    How cohorts affect overall SEO performance
    It could mean that less businesses invest in SEO. They could end up reverting to retargeting and paid digital marketing.
  • 12:25
    More opportunities for SEOs
    Big SEO teams should leverage this data to determine their SEO strengths and weaknesses. It can guide SEOs to where advertisers will most likely be making investments.


  • "Google sandbox refers to a new topic API to create privacy for users who browse the web, and use search." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Google sandbox is the first step in creating separation between access to data about how consumers of Google products navigate the web, and what advertisers can do with that data." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Google developed the federated learning of cohorts. These cohorts are different groupings that advertisers, and developers can use to target individuals across the web." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "If youve visited ESPN, you're now associated with the sports cohort. An advertiser knows that you visited a sports website and can determine whether or not they want to advertise to you." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Googles starting with 350 cohorts. But, who's to say that the 350 wont turn into 350,000, a year from now? And segments wont become so small that privacy goes out the window?" -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Theres been an increase in regulation around digital advertising and the use of personal data, including the efforts around GDPR 2018, CCPA in California, and Canada in 2020." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Google is organizing search behavior data against the 350 cohorts. We need to understand what comprises it, and what use we can get out of mapping that to specific keywords." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "More businesses are focused on organic. This will go from Google to Microsoft, to other big advertising platforms and expose how businesses can invest more in paid digital advertising." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Some businesses are going to be more native to investing more in digital advertising versus organic growth. That's just the nature of the evolving online marketing space." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Sandbox is a proactive measure by Google to protect itself from future litigation and regulation. It's already coming at the state level and will likely be coming, at the federal level." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Enterprise SEO teams should leverage this data to better inform their organization and their teams about where their strengths and weaknesses might be from an SEO standpoint." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Few SEO teams spend time analyzing paid search keywords and where their company is investing money in paid search." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "If you have awareness, you can do something about it. If you have no awareness, you don't even know what to do." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

About the speaker

Jordan Koene

 is a little camera shy

Jordan is Co-Founder and CEO at PreVisible

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