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Jordan Koene and Tyson Stockton, PreVisible Co-Founders highlight the most important news for the SEO community. With the Super Bowl just around the corner, user queries for their favorite teams have skyrocketed. Can we use search demand data to determine who the possible winner could be? Today, Jordan and Tyson use search data to predict the Super Bowl winner.
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Jordan Koene

 is a little camera shy

Jordan is Co-Founder and CEO at PreVisible

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  • 02:34
    What Jordan knows about Packers SEO
    The 49ers will be the number one result if you look up the team Aaron Rogers has lost to the most in the playoffs. Special teams is the first result for who lost to the 49ers the most.
  • 03:46
    What Tyson knows about Packers SEO
    The Packers had the biggest decline in SEO visibility of all the teams. Theyre currently getting 36,000 clicks a month. The Dallas Cowboys took second place for declining visibility.
  • 05:53
    Events that could affect the Packers SEO traffic
    If Aaron Rogers leaves, their traffic will increase. If he decides to stay, their traffic will continue to decline.
  • 07:21
    49ers SEO performance
    Looking at their SEO performance, the 49ers will win the superbowl. Theyll face off against the Chiefs, and defeat them.
  • 08:09
    Using SEO traffic as an indication of on
    User demand determines search demand. So whatever is in popular demand will naturally be reflected in organic searches.
  • 10:14
    Rams versus 49ers on SEO performance
    Search demand numbers indicate that Jimmy Garoppolo is favored by the public. And, he is also considered a better quarterback than Matthew Strafford.
  • 12:43
    Domain authority and NFL SEO
    The 49ers came out on top because of their long-standing SEO performance and domain authority. The Rams domain authority decreased because of their recent relocation.


  • "If you search what team Aaron Rogers has lost to the most in the playoffs, the 49ers are going to show up number one." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "If you were to search, who is responsible for losing to the 49ers, the number one result will come up as special teams." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Packers are getting an estimated 36,000 clicks a month from organic search." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Packers had the biggest fall off on SEO visibility out of all the teams. A close second for lost SEO visibility is the Dallas Cowboys." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Brett Favres one, single, cameo page has almost half of the traffic index of the entire Green Bay Packer site." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "If Rogers decides to leave, Packers SEO traffic will go up to 50,000. If he stays, that number will go below 20,000." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "The 49ers have the strongest SEO performance of all four teams in the playoffs." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Based on SEO performance, the 49ers will win the Super Bowl. Itll be Chiefs versus 49ers, but the 49ers will win." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "As the 49ers continue to perform well, they're going to see increased search demand in traffic. That will translate into SEO visibility, organic searches, etc." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Monthly average search demand for Matthew Stafford is 366,000. Jimmy Garoppolo is 448,000. Search data determines that Jimmy Garoppolo is a better, more popular quarterback than Matthew Stafford." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "The Bengals had a higher SEO visibility score than the Rams. I think that could be from domain authority, because the Rams went from St. Louis to LA, and who knows how long that's going to last?" -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "We might need to do some keyword cleanup. There could be some confusion with the Indian chief or the Bengal tiger causing some of the data to be highly inaccurate." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "In terms of domain authority, 49ers have a legacy. They have long-standing SEO performance " -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Starting in October, the Packers search demand decreased every month. While, the 49ers had the highest search demand that they've had for the entire calendar year, in December. " -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

About the speaker

Jordan Koene

 is a little camera shy

Jordan is Co-Founder and CEO at PreVisible

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