Google’s product review update launch — July 2022

Jordan Koene, CEO and Co-Founder, discusses what's happening with Google. Google is back on the update train with the July 2022 product review update. However, this time, communication has improved in terms of them providing more context about the coming changes to the SEO community. Today, Jordan talks about Google's product review update launch.
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Jordan Koene

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Jordan is CEO and Co-Founder of

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  • 02:34
    Googles release of the July 2022 product review update
    On their update rankings page, Google officially announced that the update will be completed in two to three weeks. The update was linked to a page with suggestions on writing suggestions for high-quality product reviews.
  • 03:54
    How the July 2022 product review update differs from previous review updates
    Google is looking at the data points that they've collected over the years to understand what's relevant. So, in addition to the product page itself that reviews live on, theyre looking at the other pages that eCommerce and other sellers have.
  • 05:11
    The deprioritization of product reviews
    Ultimately, product reviews are becoming more important in determining the outcome of your pages. And, Googles improving its knowledge about what products pages to surface to users.
  • 06:28
    Google taking an algorithmic approach to identify credible reviews
    Product reviews are now evolving beyond just comments. These days, there are influencers who promote and demonstrate these products while providing summaries of the product and how it's being used.
  • 08:49
    Addressing the issue of purchased reviews
    Google is identifying credible reviews vs spammy ones and which reviews provide additional insight on products. Then, theyre applying that logic to pages with thousands of reviews to check credibility.
  • 10:11
    Industries affected by the July 2022 product review update
    Beyond eCommerce, ticket booking websites, local businesses, restaurants, etc are being affected. Google is telling us what reviews are valuable, and deciphering which products are worth showing in the rankings.
  • 11:43
    Companies that will be affected by the July 2022 product review update
    Google will likely prioritize smaller brands with independent websites over the aggregators in this product review update. So, well see an improvement in rankings for independent brands.
  • 13:45
    Googles communication about the July 2022 product review update
    While the referenced material in the update is dated, google has tried to provide as much context as possible. And, this will inform and educate more business owners and enterprises on strategic SEO investments.


  • "Google released a July 2022 product review update. This update is going to take about two to three weeks to complete. And they link this update to a specific page about writing high-quality product reviews." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "Consumers arent just buying stuff based on a text review these days. They're buying stuff through Instagram feeds where you're seeing what the buyer has done with the product." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "Google is distinguishing what is a great review from a lousy review. And then they're applying that knowledge when you have thousands and thousands of reviews for an independent product on that page." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "What Google is doing now is they're not only telling us what reviews are valuable, but they're deciphering based on that analysis, which of those products are actually worth showing in the rankings." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "Over the next two to three weeks, well see a heightened improvement in rankings for independent, solo brands." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "Google's going to prioritize smaller brands that have their independent website over the aggregators in this product review update." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

  • "We're seeing Google provide as much context in color as they can. And, it's going to help inform and educate more and more business owners, enterprises on how to invest more strategically into SEO." -Jordan Koene, CEO, PreVisible

About the speaker

Jordan Koene

 is a little camera shy

Jordan is CEO and Co-Founder of

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