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Will Critchlow, CEO of SearchPilot, discusses a full series on SEO testing. We’re living in the age of access to the enormous amount of statistical data that can help us make better business decisions. Similar to the rise of the three-point shot and the decline of the midrange in basketball, SEOs have access to data that can help them build more efficient strategies and take advantage of tactics undervalued by the market. Today, Will talks about SEO moneyball.

Show Notes

  • 02:28
    What SEO moneyball is
    Similar to the rise of the three-point shot and the decline of the midrange in the NBA, SEOs should be taking more risks and using data to make better decisions. This involves creating new content, site sections, testing them, and building the strategy from there.
  • 07:02
    Determining whether you should develop new content
    This is dependent on your strategy and your current position in the market. So, you have to look at the opportunities, costs, and benefits, and once something is measurable, its ROI can be measured as a standalone program.
  • 09:43
    Getting organizations into the culture of SEO testing
    Many digitally native companies already have testing-driven cultures but are unable to apply that to SEO testing. SearchPilot helps companies that are unable to build a business case for SEO with testing and deploying changes quickly.
  • 12:06
    Using SEO testing to get executive buy
    SEO testing enables SEO managers to prove the value of their work and directors are able to connect their work to revenue and get budget for initiatives. It also enables SEO to function more like a paid channel where executives can look at dollars and in dollars out.


  • "If you are a massive, successful website, like Zillow, you are unlikely to create a new site section that performs anywhere near as well as the site sections you have." -Will Critchlow, CEO, SearchPilot

  • "In terms of pure SEO opportunity, have we addressed the main bit of the market that we're going after? That will guide your development of new content." -Will Critchlow, CEO, SearchPilot

  • "Your SEO activity may go up to do more testing, but youll discover bad ideas and save the engineering and product resource from having to make those changes." -Will Critchlow, CEO, SearchPilot

  • "As soon as you make something measurable, as you do with onsite testing, you can measure its ROI as a standalone program." -Will Critchlow, CEO, SearchPilot

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