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Will Critchlow, CEO of SearchPilot, discusses a full series on SEO testing. Paid search teams are accustomed to receiving six-figure annual budgets, while SEO has historically been an underinvested channel. This tendency can be attributed to SEOs being unable to answer questions from senior management but SEO testing can help SEO teams to build those business cases. Today, Will talks about SEO testing tools.

Show Notes

  • 03:40
    Recommendations for SEOs who want to implement SEO testing within their initiatives
    The SEO MBA is a helpful resource for anybody who wants to learn how to prioritize, manage budget, and get more budget. Its also important to get leadership and the business excited about SEO testing based on the potential ROI.
  • 07:13
    Using SEO testing to build business cases
    With SEO testing, youre able to spend less time on stakeholder management and focus on areas that are meaningful to the business. Youre also able to provide better answers to senior management and win more budget.
  • 09:50
    The full spectrum of services offered by SearchPilot
    The SearchPilot platform can be purchased as SaaS software. Theres also a fully managed professional services team to do testing for you.
  • 13:11
    Determining which pages should be used in the representative samples
    SearchPilots platform has an analytics engine that can determine whether a site section is testable. SearchPilot also publishes test results on its website to provide inspiration to the SEO community on tests they can run as well.


  • "The top end of our service we call autopilot is testing done for you. We still engage very closely with the in-house team, but we can ideate, build, design, and analyze those tests." -Will Critchlow, CEO, SearchPilot

  • "SEO has historically been underinvested compared to paid search where we talk about six-figure annual budgets. I think a lot of that is because we haven't had those good answers." -Will Critchlow, CEO, SearchPilot

  • "One of the things that our analytics engine can do is determine whether a site section is testable or how good the model is going to be on any given site section." -Will Critchlow, CEO, SearchPilot

  • "We typically talk about needing 30,000 organic sessions a month to the site section in question. That gives you a big enough site section to run effective tests on." -Will Critchlow, CEO, SearchPilot

  • "We publish a new dive into a test result on our website at search studies every couple of weeks. The idea of that is to give people inspiration of tests they could run themselves." -Will Critchlow, CEO, SearchPilot

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