Maximizing agency output when you need it most

Show Notes

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    How brands can get the most out of agency relationships
    ? 04:52 -How can agencies continue to scale their client relationships


  • “If the brand feels like theyre not getting what they should be getting from the agency, then something has obviously gone wrong in terms of the expectation and the right map that we spoke about.” -Glenn

  • “Fundamentally, it comes down to the agency being able to understand the challenges that this business is facing and being able to deliver on what it is that they are tasked to do and I think this isin turn where the likes of Searchmetrics really come to the fore as well.” -Glenn

  • “An agency relies upon the best possible data out there in an SEO sense to help and form the decisions that they make in terms of SEO strategy and to help inform the creation of content that is going to be construed by Google as being the most relative, informative and informational content out there and in return get the rankings high for the benefit of the client.” -Glenn

  • “Agency relationships really are two-way streets. Often, being an in-house marketer, they can get into the habit of just whipping the horse, saying I need more production agency go do more and often they think that their agency is not providing value because they cant continue to drive the business forward without additional resources.” -Ben

  • “In terms of scaling relationships, they need to have the right partner in place such as Searchmetrics to be able to scale with them in terms of the technology and resources that they need as they scale. We obviously have data that we surface in various different ways for our agency partners and its very simple and easy for an agency to add extra capacity through the lens of Searchmetrics as they scale their client relationships or just bringing new clients on board.” -Glenn

  • “As you bring on more clientsor the scope of work increases, if you dont have a partner like Searchmetrics in place to get you to that point immediately, then trying to scale up is going to cause you more gaps from the raw data that you got from a point solution, for example, and then getting it to the point where you can actually take some action.” -Glenn

  • “Coming with the right tools in place is an incredible part of being able to not only grow your business but also for agencies to be able to continue to scale and serve their clients. At some point, brands need to be responsible for dictating what the strategy is to the agency and allowing them to go out and execute. Having tools that allow you to pivot quickly, be knowledgeable in whats happening in the industry, and actually execute become increasingly important.” -Ben

  • “You can only whip a horse so much and expect it to faster. At some point, you need to provide water and nourishment and training to get it to continually accelerate.” -Ben

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