When to cut bait with your agency?

Show Notes

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    Conditions you need to consider before firing your agency
    ? 05:57 -How brands can figure out other agency options


  • “If the clients feel that agencies are not providing value and not meeting the success metrics in place as the criteria for which they made decisions, thats an issue. For an agency and the brand that they are working with, any absence of those metrics in the initial stages causes it to come back and haunt the agency in times of trouble.” -Glenn

  • “The results are going to fluctuate in terms of clients successor lack thereof throughout the course of any given time period, so the agency need to be able to point back to the particular metrics and how they are delivering services according to that which was agreed upon in the beginning.” -Glenn

  • “They also need to understand the unique challenges that may now be facing the client in an SEO and content sense and to try and get ahead of that suggesting what to change in terms of the relationship, or their strategy.” -Glenn

  • “If trust and transparency are there then there should always be a scope for the agency to be able to suggest something different, be conscious of new challenges and what they are, and suggest and implement quickly and change the course of action that could arrest the issue or mitigate it.” -Glenn

  • “If the agency isnt adjusting or adapting in the face of the new issues that the clients are facing and theres no way you can dialogue then perhaps its time for a rethink the agency.” -Glenn

  • “In order to have a healthy relationship, you have to have trust, you have to be able to communicate, and its not healthy to go looking over your shoulder and thinking about other people while youre in another relationship. Its easy to start comparing without having aworking relationship.” -Ben

  • “Brands can have conversations with different agencies, maybe even getting multiple agencies to present an understanding of their challenges, and a clear roadmap to how they would tackle what the brands are facing and see ifthey have unique ideas that they dont feel are being employed by their existing agency.” -Glenn

  • “We have unfortunately seen agencies lose a lot of clients, and agencies that had a huge uptick in their business and I think what distinguishes it from agency to agency is going back to agencies being able to fully understand the issues that the brand is facing and in turn understand the modified way in which the brand is going to need to communicate with the clients through content.” -Glenn

  • “If they have a real understanding of the situation and does not just push on with blanket approach and blanket outputs, then they are the ones that they will be able to have the conversations about how this is not the time to lose them as agency, and how they can talk them through what they are going to adjust in their strategy based on what they are seeing and then the ones that cant do that are the ones that can get caught.” -Glenn

  • “Its been a weird year across the board, Im sure there has been lots of fluctuations between brands and their agency partners and the agencies that are able to understand the landscape, look at the data, and be able to figure out what course they had next and had a pivot to the changing landscape, are the ones who are going to be more successful, retain more business, and find new clients.” -Ben

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