Impact of AI on Technical SEO — Geoff Atkinson // Huckabuy

Geoff Atkinson, Founder and CEO of Huckabuy, talks about how AI is going to impact the future of SEO. Artificial intelligence is making content production much easier for SEOs. But, with all the content we can now add to our websites, Google has to crawl more to index those pages, and that’s where your website’s performance will make all the difference. Today, Geoff discusses the impact of artificial intelligence on technical SEO.

Show Notes

  • 02:52
    The impact of AI on technical SEO
    AI simplifies content creation, making technical SEO more crucial as Google will have to crawl more with the influx of new content. AI automates writing FAQs and meta descriptions, allowing websites to focus on improving site performance for Google to index all their new content.
  • 06:22
    The impact of AI on content volume and backlinking
    As the volume of AI-generated content grows, backlinks will become more crucial for identifying useful and human-generated content. This also presents an opportunity to leverage AI for internal linking in terms of identifying keywords within your content to link to different pages.
  • 09:17
    Tools SEOs can leverage to improve site performance
    Huckabuy offers a page-speed product to enhance dynamic rendering and deliver fast-loading, JavaScript-free versions of sites specifically for Google. Structured data will enable websites to increase their chances of being indexed and displayed in rich snippets.
  • 11:03
    Maximizing indexation and website performance with dynamic rendering
    To ensure new content is indexed by Google and other search engines, dynamic rendering is crucial. Dynamic rending will allow for pages to load faster and enable search engines to crawl more pages on the websites and index more of those pages.
  • 12:49
    AI driven technical SEO solutions
    Huckabuy offers a podcast content automation tool that is AI-powered. Beyond that, there are many emerging startups in terms of engineers building tools that leverage AI for SEO purposes.
  • 13:42
    Huckabuys integration of AI into its products
    While most of the industry is leveraging AI for content creation, Huckabuy is focusing on technical SEO and podcasting. They have an AI podcast tool called Texo and plan to move into creating more specific technical SEO tools.


  • "The content that AI is writing usually needs to be tweaked by a human being for it to really be great." -Geoff Atkinson, CEO, Huckabuy

  • "It'll be interesting to see how people use AI to drive internal linking because all this content needs to link to stuff." -Geoff Atkinson, CEO, Huckabuy

  • "Page speed and core web vitals are most important right now in terms of getting Google what they want, a site that's going to pass core web vitals." -Geoff Atkinson, CEO, Huckabuy

  • "When it comes to mobile rankings, it's almost just necessary to have a fast site." -Geoff Atkinson, CEO, Huckabuy

  • "If each page takes 4-5 seconds to load vs a dynamically rendered page loading in 100-200 ms, you can do the math of what a dynamically rendered site is going to be getting crawled vs one that isnt." -Geoff Atkinson, CEO, Huckabuy

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