Why HTTP 103 is the new Black — Geoff Atkinson // Huckabuy

Geoff Atkinson, Founder and CEO of Huckabuy, talks about technical SEO and the strategy behind it. HTTP 103 is a recent protocol for web page loading that prioritizes the content that matters to the user, allowing for faster perceived page load time. Its implementation requires the work of a developer, as it is a technical task that involves changing the HTTP protocol. Today, Geoff discusses why HTTP 103 is the new black.

Show Notes

  • 02:40
    HTTP 103 and its impact on core web vitals
    HTTP 103, also known as HTTP/3, is the next version of HTTP push which helps to prioritize the loading of important content on a webpage. When optimized, it impacts the three core web vitals and improves user experience by allowing for faster interactions with the page.
  • 05:26
    The evolution of HTTP protocols
    HTTP 103 and HTTP/2 Push are recent updates to the protocol between the browser and the server for the initial interaction of loading a webpage. These updates are part of Google's efforts to fine-tune the process for achieving fast page speed for developers and users.
  • 07:22
    Prioritizing content loading for improved user experience
    The recent updates prioritize the loading of important content on a webpage before other elements, which allows for faster interaction with the page. This change in the initial interaction between the browser and the server aims to provide a faster perceived page speed for users.
  • 09:07
    The impact of HTTP 103 on website conversion tracking
    HTTP 103 does not affect tracking and conversion capabilities, as all required tracking will still be executed. The new protocol prioritizes the loading of content that is important for users to interact with, in order to improve the page load speed, as per Google's new standards.
  • 10:49
    Implementing HTTP 103
    HTTP 103 needs to be implemented by a developer and your engineering team. Fortunately, Google has documented it and companies like Huckbuy have it built into their page speed product.


  • "It's been over two and a half years since Google released their page experience update. HTTP 103 is just another iteration of them trying to fine-tune how you actually achieve fast page speed as a developer." -Geoff Atkinson, CEO, Huckabuy

  • "HTTP 103 just prioritizes the content that matters and the things that are ready to go. So, as a user, you can actually start interacting with the page right away." -Geoff Atkinson, CEO, Huckabuy

  • "I've never heard of a company losing tracking capabilities because we're helping their page load faster for the user. It just helps prioritize what fires on the page first so the user can start to interact." -Geoff Atkinson, CEO, Huckabuy

  • "A user isn't going to interact with a page in the 200 to 400 milliseconds that Google is tracking to figure stuff out." -Geoff Atkinson, CEO, Huckabuy

  • "With core web vitals, if you are passing with flying colors, you will see your rankings improve. You will get up to the top of the page." -Geoff Atkinson, CEO, Huckabuy

  • "The sites that pass core web vitals, and that are fast are going to get more benefit and more traffic as a result of these changes." -Geoff Atkinson, CEO, Huckabuy

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