Importance of Website Health — Ashley Berman Hale // Deepcrawl

Ashley Berman Hale, Deepcrawl VP of Professional Services, discusses how to optimize the health of your digital properties. Whether it’s eCommerce or a blog, every modern business needs to have a healthy website. Consumers will abandon frustrating websites, so technical SEO prioritization is a must for businesses. Today, Ashley talks about the importance of website health

Show Notes

  • 01:36
    Website health and technical SEO
    Website health starts with having the right infrastructure to support the websites technical functions. How the website is built, accessibility, and flexibility also factor into website health.
  • 03:36
    Why website health is important for marketing
    Marketers work at crafting brand messages that can be bolstered or negatively impacted by user experience on the website. In that regard, marketing and technical SEO go hand-in-hand.
  • 05:43
    How technical SEO impacts product teams
    Technical SEO and product teams should be working together to optimize the user experience onsite. After the website is built by developers, technical SEO finetunes it for growth.
  • 08:30
    Why website health matters to sales teams
    Research from Deloitte indicates that milliseconds can change your conversion rates over time. For sales, good page speed can result in more leads and sales .
  • 10:08
    Communicating website health importance to C
    Appeal to them in terms of page speed, user experience, and building brand loyalty. If your websites performance is frustrating to users, they will go to your competitors sites.
  • 12:55
    Organizations and prioritization of website health
    Technical SEO should be an ongoing operation and belongs in the product and business management budget. Plus, it optimizes content, marketing, and advertising efforts.


  • "If technical SEOs are doing their job, we make life easier for marketing. When they go out there with a message, people can come to the site and be pleasantly delighted." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

  • "Once visitors come to a site, it needs to be functional, fast, and rendering so that it can become a multiplier. Not something that marketers have to compensate for." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

  • "I'd love to see product teams working with technical SEOs. We respect their work and technical SEO will help get what they've been doing into the hands of more people." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

  • "Deloitte did a Milliseconds to Millions white paper, which has good data on how milliseconds can literally change your conversion rates over time." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

  • "Technical SEO wants our sales teams to make more money. That's how they multiply what we're doing as well." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

  • "Brand loyalty is not what it used to be. There's almost no reason for a user to hang around if your website's frustrating them. You have to work twice as hard to be that smooth." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

  • "It's the little things you don't see; if something takes one second to load versus three, there's a huge difference in user perception." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

  • "Technical SEO can't be a one off marketing effort. Most of the time, your product and business management budget is where it belongs." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

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