Website Health for Enterprise Scale — Ashley Berman Hale // Deepcrawl

Ashley Berman Hale, Deepcrawl VP of Professional Services, discusses how to optimize the health of your digital properties. Sites like eBay and Macy’s cannot rely on intuition when it comes to enterprise SEO. Large and complex properties like enterprise websites demand tools that enable data gathering and sharing at scale. Today, Ashley talks about managing website health at the enterprise scale.

Show Notes

  • 02:16
    Monitoring website health on enterprise
    Tools should offer data for your entire website. Healthy SEO platforms should also identify trends and things that can be changed at scale.
  • 05:22
    Enterprise website health monitoring tools problems
    Often, tools arent able to cope with the needs of larger websites. So, enterprise-scale websites require platforms that can gather data at scale like Deepcrawl.
  • 07:46
    Formatting data to make it applicable to different teams is one of the challenges big companies face. When website health isnt prioritized, SEOs may find it harder to get things done.
  • 09:57
    Using data to get stakeholder buy
    Use the tools to provide relevant data to get buy-in from writers, developers, and executives. Google Data Studio is another avenue to grab important information from different tools.
  • 12:29
    Large companies shouldnt only rely on volume from head terms. Hire more than one person for content SEO so that the jobs can be done effectively.


  • "You cannot really scale humans. You can scale tools to allow your very smart humans to do the best analysis." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

  • "Google has switched to mobile first indexing and now crawls everything on mobile." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

  • "In big companies, SEO sits under marketing and can't get anything done or sits under product, get things done, but isnt tied to the overall brand mission and marketing content." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

  • "To get buy-in, technical SEOs need to find the data sets that are transparent and relevant and focused on what is most important to content, product, and executive groups." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

  • "Dont hire one person to manage content and tech for an enterprise site. That's going to create a huge handicap when it comes to the success of the site." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

  • "It's just as important to do research and not rely on the head terms. Head terms are harder than hell to get, expensive, and they don't convert as well." -Ashely Berman Hale, VP of Professional Services, Deepcrawl

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