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PreVisible Co-Founders, Tyson Stockton and Jordan Koene, guest host SEO Education Week and dive into SEO for executives. As an SEO, your growth and success depend on whether executives are able to recognize the value you create for the organization. While ambiguity around many of the decisions you make is a given, clearly outlining and communicating around the KPIs you're measuring can build trust with your executive team. Today, Jordan and Tyson discuss setting expectations with executives.

Show Notes

  • 03:59
    Breaking down tension between SEOs and management
    Minimize the ambiguity around KPIs being measured in order to build trust with executives. Align SEO undertakings and KPIs being measured to the organizations goals.
  • 08:32
    Goal setting conversations with executives
    In SEO, the answers to executive questions and future outcomes wont always be readily acceptable. However, its critical to follow up with a response formulated on good data sources.
  • 12:45
    Missing the mark with leading KPIs
    Leading KPIs can sometimes lead SEOs down the wrong path and result in failure. Good executives acknowledge the failure, but expect improvement at defining the leading KPIs.
  • 13:56
    Topics to be covered during SEO Education Week
    Goal setting and progress reporting, as well as investments that will drive SEO success. Managing SEO at the organizational level and executive communication will also be discussed.


  • "Accept that SEO has some unique characteristics. But, try to minimize those differences, and align to how the rest of the organization is looking at other growth channels within the business." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "If there's ever been a growth channel with tons of ambiguity, its our friend, SEO. Create clear guardrails around the KPIs being measured and why, to build trust with your executive team." -Jordan Koene, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "There will be scenarios that are in the gray area of it depends for SEOs. But, there will also be areas that you'll have to make a commitment to a goal, or a growth target." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "The greatest growth skill an SEO can develop is the ability to say, I'm going to get back to you on that. There are many scenarios in conversations with executives where the roll out is unclear." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Failure is part of SEO, and missing the mark with leading KPIs sometimes leads us down the wrong path. Good executives will recognize that and hope you get better at defining the leading KPIs." -Jordan Koene, CEO & Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Executive communication isnt just what you're telling the executive, but what should be communicated about SEO within the executive team. And, how it should be presented to the entire organization." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Acknowledge the uniqueness of SEO as a channel. You wont have the traditional, linear results of other channels. But, the opportunity is so much greater that you want to find that middle ground." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

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