Introduction to Technical SEO — Tyson Stockton & Jordan Koene //

PreVisible Co-Founders, Tyson Stockton and Jordan Koene, guest host SEO Education Week and dive into technical SEO. Of all the segments within SEO, technical SEO may be the most underserved. There aren't many educational resources around the operationalization of these tactics within the organization. Today, Jordan and Tyson discuss why technical SEO is important.

Show Notes

  • 02:49
    Why technical SEO is important
    Foundational technical SEO skills are critical to the long-term success of any SEO project. Technical SEO solutions are scalable and enable significant gains within driving organic search.
  • 06:05
    The significance of building both hard and soft skills
    Talented SEOs today are falling short in the soft skills department. Soft skills matter in terms of communicating with stakeholders, managing expectations, and new career opportunities.
  • 09:20
    Unlocking career opportunities by combining hard and soft skills
    Leaning into technical SEO allows you to become more effective within your organization. As you simultaneously develop your soft skills, leadership and career opportunities will increase.
  • 12:50
    Topics to be covered this week
    This weeks topics will cover various aspects within technical SEO such as requirements for success, communicating with stakeholders, and evangelizing technical SEO initiatives.


  • "Technical SEO is the most important aspect in SEO because you can have the biggest impact for X amount of effort. And many of the initiatives that fit within technical SEO are scalable solutions." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "The technical SEO segment is where you have the greatest opportunity to make the biggest impact on significant gains within driving organic search." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Not every SEO project needs to be a content expansion play. But, there's a variety of different technical skills necessary for you to be successful in making a small website into a bigger website." -Jordan Koene, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Soft skills wont necessarily be clearly stated in a textbook, but theyre equally important as hard skills, in the way you communicate, manage expectations and projects." -Jordan Koene, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Leaning into technical SEO can impact your effectiveness in your role and organization. And it can open up new career opportunities for you to pivot and roll into." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "If you become very good at learning the core technical skills of SEO, then developing the soft skills, there are so many opportunities for you in terms of leadership and management." -Jordan Koene, Co-Founder, PreVisible

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