SEO Planning — Securing SEO Resources // Jordan Koene

Show Notes


  • “If you don't have the bodies, the budget, the talent, and the tools to execute against it, plans don't mean anything.” - Benjamin

  • “If you spend your time focused exclusively on the resources piece, you're going to quickly realize that you don't have enough resources to do all the things you want. “ - Jason

  • “Resources is often left towards the end because it also dictates and predicates your prioritization of what will get done.” - Jason

  • The reality here is you have to understand what it is you have available within your organization.- Jason

  • “The best way to approach this is to ensure that you are leveraging the ability to be flexible.” - Jason

  • “Great SEO plans are never going to be a start to finish scenario.” - Jason

  • “ When you're setting up your plans, you do want to build in the ability for breakage .” Benjamin

  • “The most important piece that you can take away from here writes it down, write it down, write it down.”- Jason

  • “This is never an easy exercise for any organization, small or large” - Jason

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