SEO Planning — Setting SMART SEO Goals // Jordan Koene

Show Notes


  • “It really starts by defining what it is that your key activities are and how those key activities aligned to very specific results. - Jordan

  • “ It's important to not only when you're setting your goals, think about what you want to accomplish from the long-term perspective, but also be realistic about how you're going to break that down in the short term” - Benjamin

  • “There is nothing true about SEO taking a long time. The only reality is that you're not defining the short term measurements that are going to lead to the long-term results. - Jordan

  • This is all about defining who's responsible for what and who's involved in. “ - Jordan

  • “It's really important for you to be mindful about how you communicate that goal and the co-dependencies in the organization.” - Jordan

  • “Understand what your role is in contributing to the specific goal. “ - Benjamin

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