Building SEO feedback loops — Cassie Dell // Searchmetrics

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    Workflow of collecting learnings and documenting them
    ? 04:27 -Communicating successes and failures for building better future business decisions


  • “Looking at all that report weve been tracking, we ask things like, Did we get where we wanted to be? Were there things successful that we are excited about? Are there unsuccessful things where we could re-imagine the strategy? And then re-imagining that roadmap for where we are going next phase we want to achieve and areas we want to improve.” -Cassie

  • “We take a look back at what we did and ask, Okay, we set out this really big goal when it comes to content. Did we write all that? Perfect. If were looking at keywords, do we own a lot more of those keywords because of the content that we wrote? Is everything technically sound? Are we ready to go on something new? It is about goingback and evaluating all those tiers and terms of actual writing and making sure we practiced all the technical best practices.” -Cassie

  • “There have to be two different workflows here. One, for where your campaign was successful and another when it wasnt.” -Ben “When it comes to successes, we take a look at why they were successful. Dont just take successes because we happen to hit it. Its understanding everything that goes into that success and if theres something we can replicate.” -Cassie

  • “I think the most important thing is you build a feedback loop. That is what SEO Workflow Week has to be about. You go through this process learning the business, setting a strategy, implementing, evaluating, and then you need to pivot and a lot of that isabout communication.” -Ben

  • “Its also trying to garner resources and working at a big company that has a large SEO team can be complicated because youre constantly battling for resources so you want to show your successes and maybe hide your failures alittle bit. But in reality, you need to figure out whats working and be able to iterate from them.” -Ben

  • “In the same way that in SEO you need to understand how youre doing relative to your competition when youre working at an in-house marketing team, they are not your competition they are a part of your team but you are often fighting for resources. And the most important thing is to understand the greater good of whats going to help your business perform the best.” -Ben

  • “Part of building into your workflow is understanding not only how to conduct your research and execute your campaigns and evaluate them, but its also understanding how to work with your cross-functional partners, understand what role you are playing within the larger organization and making sure you are being an advocate for the organization as you are just for your rankings.” -Ben

  • October 26, 2020

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