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    Where the rubber meets the road on the project implementation
    ? 03:29 -Setting implementation workflow for a content project


  • “Now that we have a comprehensive list and a big balance in between are we tracking correctly between desktop and mobile? Is there any other locations that we need to track? Is the list of terms comprehensive? Is it tagged well? So, things like that. Making sure the foundation for success is up.” -Cassie

  • “So youre starting to talk about keyword optimization here first and not necessarily technical optimization. What youre doing is you are making sure that when youre implementing your project, youre going to have data segmented in a way where its easy for you to understand whats happening. Is it my product keywords? my brand keywords? Youre creating some sort of tagged list to be able to cut your data by variables.” -Ben

  • “In theory, you would think about things and segregate them into individual groups. Lets say that Im working on Schema and updates and Im working on page views. All those are going to have individual sub-categories beneath them and all of that should be segregated and tagged and prioritized accordingly. Even though its all working towards the same goal, its nice to have a general direction just like we do at keyword tracking.” -Cassie

  • “I always want to make sure that there is at least a baseline so we can actually see that growth happen. Especially with content projects for example, if were looking at something and saying, Were going to produce 20 articles, I like to see where it wasbefore we produce some of these so that as time goes along I could see how its performing at Month 1, Month 2, and so on until it peaks and find that data and say, Alright I have a general understanding of how my website will perform as I add contents in these different segments that cost my products.” -Cassie

  • “So step one is youre going to create a baseline. Im assuming that step two is youre doing some prep to roll out the project whether its your content creation, your code if its a technical project. Building the deliverables.” -Ben

  • “Publication timing depends on the content. If its product detail pages because its a small amount of content, we can roll it out in bulk. If its something where they are trying to build an evergreen and build something substantial, it comes in stages.” -Cassie

  • “Were going after content thats going to give us the biggest bang for our buck and then gradually working through that stage and thats going to be that longer dovetail of we expect the content is going to get us a lot more traffic in a longer period of time versus a quick win.” -Cassie

  • “I think this is one of the trickiest parts about your evaluation which we will go more into detail this week. If youre rolling out your projects and there isnt a clear line in the sand, and its kind of a gradual roll-out, were doing an evergreen piece of content twice a week and thats our new content strategy or we are batching all our product updates, its really hard to say, Heres our pre and heres our post in terms of evaluation.” -Ben

  • “One of the common things that go wrong is where people are not aggressive enough in their strategy in the beginning or they expect to see crazy changes in a short amount of time where there is just oo many things to do to get us there, and they put it a little bit too low and they see a large amount and then the next they expect seeing that same growth.” -Cassie

  • “Understand your industry, understand your competitors and know how much growth there is to be had, and play inthe realm of you know where you are going and at a realistic goal for myself.” -Cassie

  • “Understanding and being realistic about the impact of your changes and I think that takes a seasoned marketer to really realize how long the changes youre going to make take to make an impact.” -Ben

  • “I do think that theres QA process where you go back through, you called it an audit but you know, if Im going to roll-out a project, and Im thinking about publishing lots of content, you need to go back through yourwebsite and evaluate what the pages look like, what percentage of them got published? Are there breaks? Are there duplicates? Making sure that your project implementation was actually successful before you start thinking about evaluation because often what youll see is, Oops, we actually published this content twice and weve got duplicates on this product page and that can make a meaningful impact on the evaluation of your projects.” -Ben

  • “Again, I want to reiterate the fact that it is ever-changing. Do not only focus on growth but also make sure youre focusing on the foundation like there is so much in SEO that you need to make sure the base in the site is always in good state. Always keep a close eye on foundation while youre working towards your goals.” -Cassie

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