Setting your SEO Strategy — Cassie Dell // Searchmetrics

Show Notes

  • ? 01:48
    Setting strategy and getting buy
    ? 03:24 -Setting up a prioritized list of projects and communicating it for buy-in


  • “We begin by evaluating the content starting from the technical stage all their resources and how do we prioritize each of those things and then we have the biggest impact when it comes to prioritization for all those items as well.” -Cassie

  • “Understanding that there are building blocks in all of that. I cant go on a high search volume if I have 10 pages and no helpful content. So we help them strategize in terms of having a solid technical foundation, aswe build out content and go for the important keywords and vice versa, we cant just go for the technical stuff if we dont have the content to support it.” -Cassie

  • “Were measuring successes either bi-weekly or monthly in high-level meetings. Its important to highlight the work that my clients end up doing and at the same time making sure that were all sticking to all those goals and the things that we are working on, on a granular basis.” -Cassie

  • “There is a blend of both. Were inside a software looking at how theyre doing week over week or talking about all those success criteria I mentioned earlier and at the same time, some of these clients, their roadmaps change with us. Theyre also good at being transparent with us about things theyre working on. Its really a partnership because SEO, as we know, doesnt always stay steady, there are algorithm changes that we have to accommodate for.” -Cassie

  • “Were trying to get buy-in by saying, This is the lift were going to see by making these changes and then measuring those against a number of topics and each of those topics allow us to put together a comprehensive list of potential traffic or potential customers that were going for.” -Cassie

  • “It ties back nicely to the research phase weve talked about. When you understand who is in the organization when you understand how the organization evaluates success, that helps influence how you are going toset your SEO strategy.” -Ben

  • “Not only are you going to get the lay of the land, then understand which projects you should prioritize, whether it be content or technical, adding more resources, but you are also going to get through and make the decisions that you think are the best fit based on what the company is trying to accomplish, who you need to get buy-in from and you also need to be able to give some form of an estimate of what success looks like.” -Ben

  • “An important point in your workflow is,its not just making your recommendations, lobbying them over the wall, and then hoping for success. What you need to do is help educate the people that are trying to get buy-in for your own strategies, what the impact will be if you implement your changes correctly.” -Ben

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