Why bother with a site migration? — Doug Bell // Searchmetrics

Show Notes

  • ? 02:26
    Searchmetrics new website using their own digital strategy group
    ? 03:27 -Planning and design phase of site migration


  • “Site migration is not to be taken lightly and I think every marketer when they hear that term, clenches especially from a security standpoint because its fairly atypical that you are going to benefit from an SEO standpoint with a new site launch.” -Doug

  • “The other piece was that our brand identity was not really keeping pace with how the company has evolved. Since it was launched five years ago, the company has gone from a regional SEO powerhouse to being a global player on the digital marketing stage and our brand identity didnt reflect that.” -Doug

  • “It was the impetus for me and the team to say that, hey, if we are going to take this journey, its going to be about three things: brand identity, being able to show that we are actually a world-class SEO and content marketing platform and finally, at the end of the day, website products.” -Doug

  • “I would say that where we were as a company from a brand identity standpoint wasnt keeping pace with where we saw the industry was going. It boiled down to being able to reflect what ultimately is our move upmarket.” -Doug

  • “I understand the idea of brand and imagery challenge. You needed to look modern and from a business perspective, changing some of the imagery and some of the copy, just giving essentially a facelift probably helps improve conversion rates more than anything else.” -Ben

  • “We were seeing that people who were visiting the site were less and less likely to engage with the content and less and less likely to engage with offers that would lead to the pipeline. After we got over the hump of saying, look, were no longer showing who we are from a brand identity standpoint. That was a really big thing for us.” -Doug

  • “Beyond brand identity, beyond treating the website as a product the other thing was that the site was not, at its fundamental essence, performing well. The site performance was a big part of the challenge that we saw.” -Doug

  • “What we had was four things coming together. First off, how are we positioning ourselves and whats the messaging that allows us to do that. Second, brand identity, three is site performance and finally, the sites ability to translate customer interest in the pipeline.” -Doug

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