Does it make sense to enter the Chinese market — Marcus Pentzek // Searchmetrics

Show Notes


  • “Chinese market is a big market, and they have a lot of consumers. They have a lot of private consumers that are longing for Western brands.”

  • “... there's roughly 1.4 billion people. So it's a big market, right? When we think about comparing that to the United States, the United States is roughly 330 million. So you're looking at a market that's a little over four times the size of the U S market.”

  • “So for a lot of B2B businesses, it might make sense as opposed to just the B to C that based on the body count, there are some hurdles and barriers to entering the Chinese market.”

  • “If your products are already being sold in China on the marketplaces...then this is probably the first sign that it's worth going to China and selling it by yourself and even getting more money than through the vendors.”

  • “So there are topics that you certainly do not want to talk about in China, if you don't want to infer with the, um, with the politics and with their decisions.”

  • “You probably want to do the easy step first, which would be cross-border e-commerce. So you are not really physically in the country, but you're trying to get a foot in the door, which is possible through those e-commerce platforms that they have in China...”

  • “There's a lot of complexity that goes specifically with this market because of the language, because of the size, because of the geography, because of the political climate.”

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