How different the internet works in China — Marcus Pentzek // Searchmetrics

Show Notes


  • “I think we all know that China is a communist country and that communist countries had in common in the past that they really are really strict about the rules and what they want to allow their citizens.”

  • “Free speech might be limited, but it's still extremely free even in China. So also there might not be, um, a YouTube as we note, uh, in, in the Western countries, there might not be Facebook. There might not be Twitter.”

  • “Social media companies from outside of the Chinese market have essentially all been banned for the most part. And China has their own social networks, most prominently Tik Tok. And I think that's about the control of data.”

  • “... you need to not only enter the market where you sell products, but you also need to enter the conversational market. And this is using their tools at the end of the day...”

  • “The social media channels aren't the same. You can't use Facebook, you can't use Facebook ads. And so you need to start thinking about marketing in a different way, which is what makes search very attractive.”

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