Why it is Baidu and not Google in China — Marcus Pentzek // Searchmetrics

Show Notes


  • “... the Internet's a little different in China than it is in the Western world. And specifically when you're in China, you pretty much have to use Chinese products or services to communicate.”

  • “So Google would simply display anything that they have in their index if it's fitting to the keywords and a country like China might not want to do this.”

  • “And so there is a separate search engine Baidu that is more prominently used, but Google does have a presence in China.”

  • “Google does have a presence in China. They are located in Beijing, I think, but they're not there as such players that they're at as advertisers and are selling ads, stuff like that.”

  • “According to Search Engine Journal, Baidu has 70, and it's 78% of search share in China. And what's interesting to me is that Google isn't. Second, Google only has 1.9% of search share.”

  • “There are other search engines. SOGOU has 13% and HAOSOU has 2.2%. Surprisingly, Bing has more market share for search in China than Google does.”

  • “Baidu is really big and they have capacities, which all the other search engines don't have at this time. They're going into AI. They're going into self-driving cars.”

  • “Google has 90% market share in the United States and there's 300 million people in the United States. So it's got roughly 300 million people that are using the platform here.”

  • “1.4 billion people are living in China. Yes, but this is only like 800 million people using the internet and of these like 650 million are utilizing search (Baidu).”

  • “... we're discussing mobile first strategies and the best, because there are more and more mobile searches, but in China, this is like 98% of internet users are online (Mobile).”

  • “... 64% mobile users using vital for search, but still this is 35% desktop users, uh, on Baidu, which we probably can divide into more like B2C or B2B users.”

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