Common misconceptions about Baidu — Marcus Pentzek // Searchmetrics

Show Notes


  • “Now you still have to translate it. So it can be understood in Chinese, but you can use domain as well.”

  • “I also looked at meta keywords and meta description. And you guess what? There is no correlation at all.”

  • “Baidu is going to look through the content and make their own decisions as opposed to taking the directional keywords that you're giving them through your metatags.”

  • “You do not actually need an ICP license for actually ranking on Baidu. There are a lot of websites not licensed at all ranking in the top 10.”

  • “You can publish content that can be consumed in China, but if you're in China actually publishing the content, you probably want to get the appropriate licenses.”

  • “Baidu is running updates every year, just as Google does. And a couple of these updates actually were targeting backlinks and not paying attention anymore to back links that are simply weak or too spammy.”

  • “There are a few big companies that are specialized in helping Western companies to make a step into the Chinese market.”

  • “There, there's lots of hacks, lots of ways to take advantage of the size of the Chinese market without actually having to start all over and use an entire new suite of tools, products, and services to reach the market.”

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