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PreVisible Co-Founders, Tyson Stockton and Jordan Koene, guest host SEO Education Week and discuss SEO recruiting. What you invest in a new hire ultimately dictates their development in a given role. When onboarding new SEOs, the first two weeks are critical to ensuring your new hire not only meets the job description, but exceeds it. Today, Jordan and Tyson discuss onboarding.
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Jordan Koene & Tyson Stockton

 is a little camera shy

Tyson is Co-Founder and Educational Partner at

Show Notes

  • 02:21
    Defining success in the onboarding process
    The process is not just about educating new hires on KPIs and quotas. Its about integrating them into the companys processes, policies, and workflows.
  • 05:58
    How to approach the onboarding process
    Dedicate the first two weeks of the onboarding process to figuring out where new hires fit in the organization. This time can also be used to identify and address any knowledge gaps.
  • 09:17
    Helping new hires adjust to company culture
    Show new hires that they are valued beyond their role. Providing benefits like health insurance can build employee loyalty.
  • 11:06
    Educating new hires on company acronyms and language
    Educate new hires on internal acronyms and terminology. This helps to streamline communication throughout the company.
  • 14:14
    Job shadowing in the onboarding process
    Allow new hires to shadow more tenured team members. Not only will this help integrate them into the team, theyll also be able to learn the essential skills faster.
  • 15:41
    Setting expectations for new hires
    Provide new hires with a breakdown of expectations throughout the onboarding process. Dedicate the initial stages of the process to education and immerse them in company culture.
  • 17:04
    Providing feedback to new hires
    Accelerate the learning process for new hires by providing actionable feedback. Provide clarity on company processes and involve team members to facilitate learning opportunities.


  • "Every company has their own way of doing things. It's important to think about those along with the big knowledge functions of an individual's role when defining success in the onboarding process." -Jordan Koene, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Youll never find someone that just walks through the door and checks 100% of that job function. You want someone that can grow into that and go beyond what that job description was." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "Baking in education to the onboarding process is going to speed up the timeline of their development into that role that not just meets the job description, but exceeds it." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "I love to tease the 30, 60, 90 day plan because, as a hiring manager, your focus should be on those first two weeks. How do I make this person get integrated and successful in the first two weeks?" -Jordan Koene, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "If you're at a big enterprise, just take the five minutes to ask your new employee, Hey, are you okay? Are you set up, did you get into the 401k system? It gives them that sense of ease." -Jordan Koene, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "When I started consulting work with eBay, a friend spent 20 minutes going over the acronyms they use for different page types. That 20 minutes was the most helpful time that I had working with eBay." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "I have very little expectations for someone in their first week. The most important thing is that I want them to just absorb as much as they can." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "If you're hiring a junior resource, expect that you'll have to put more into that resource in the beginning. As you get someone more senior, that window gets a little bit shorter and shorter." -Tyson Stockton, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "The tools, data, and the insights that you have; if you're hiring someone to be part of your team, you have to really open the door on those." -Jordan Koene, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "One of the core components of bringing someone onboard is just being effective at giving that feedback early and often." -Jordan Koene, Co-Founder, PreVisible

  • "It's important that as managers, directors, and leaders, you're informing the rest of the team that this is an environment where we want feedback given to our new employees." -Jordan Koene, Co-Founder, PreVisible

About the speaker

Jordan Koene & Tyson Stockton

 is a little camera shy

Tyson is Co-Founder and Educational Partner at

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