Why SEO matters more than ever for B2B brands

Show Notes

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    SEO relevance in B2B brands
    ? 03:59 -General marketing playbook and where SEO lands in that strategy


  • “There is no one-size-fits-all for B2B in the marketing business. Depending on the industry that someone is in, its always going to be a different variation of a marketing message. With everythingthat is going on with the global climate, everyone is looking to change, facing change and disruption.” -Lillian

  • “Marketing does not really change. We need to be out there with the right message, meeting the audience where they are, and giving them confidence in the brand where they are.” -Lillian

  • “I will say that when we think about B2B marketing in general, I think there is a commonly applied playbook. A set of business practices and strategies that are different than consumer-facing marketing.” -Ben

  • “Its a different game and you are also looking at a longer buying cycle a lot of time which means a bigger commitment of time. For a business to change its commitment to a particular software or supplier, its a big decision when you have a lot of people using that tool.” -Lillian

  • “From a marketing perspective, one thing that should always be there is that you are in it for the long game. B2C can often be short wins if you can get quick results. B2B can have buying cycles that lasts for years.” -Lillian

  • “The reasons for me, why SEO is becoming increasingly important for the B2B buyer are, you need to constantly stay in front of the consumer because you dont know when they are actually in-market, ready to buy. Secondly, we have the coronavirus and most brands have been cutting their performance marketing budget because of the uncertainty about what the macroeconomic picture is going to look like.” -Ben

  • “From a general strategic perspective, SEO generally is not a quick-win medium. It is not tothink of SEO because you need more leads or traffic this month as the right way to approach it. SEO needs to be very much about content topics, like how do you own or become the authority on specific topics in a niche and rebuild a whole strategy around that.” -Lillian

  • “You need to build assets to stay in front of your customers and stay fresh in peoples minds.” -Ben

  • “I think content is certainly the core for B2B. We depend on content to bring people in the door. A lot of times we need to invest in educating our prospects with not only the product but also in how it solves their problems.” -Lillian

  • “Content, in itself is something that is relied on for B2B brands, not just for SEO but also for sales enablement, use for syndication for your performance marketing channels, it is a way that you can do your nurturing campaign, its also useful for email campaigns as well, everything that you can do to get someone into your marketing funnel.” -Ben

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