How to use content as a B2B lead gen tool

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    Content as a lead generation for B2B brands
    ? 04:59 -Tools and mechanisms to get peoples email addresses


  • “I think most of us are still sticking with lead generation in terms of needing that email address. The email address is the key to marketing and sales. Agood piece of content can be rolled out across many channels to varying degrees and level of success depending on which channel, that can be the driver just to get those email addresses in the first place.” -Lillian

  • “Getting that person to take the next step can be done in multiple ways. You can encourage them to provide more information every time they come back to the website, for example. So, you already have their email address and it is on autofill, next have some form and slowly develop a profile for that person so that next time you can present them with more customized content.” -Lillian

  • “There are also companies where we want all of the information so we give an incredible amount of content away, educating people with our time, money, staff. Everything we know is put in this content and giving it away for free and all we ask in return is that they can contact you again in the future.” -Lillian

  • “On the one hand, you dont want to give a negative experience to somebody. But yes, if your content is good enough and you really have something to offer or it could potentially help them in one way or another, it generally inspires a better conversion rate.” -Lillian

  • “Newsletter is a re-occurring access to the content, a different delivery method. Gated content can be an infographic, white papers, checklist, or any sort of download. Then you mentioned the notion of the event, whether that is in person or on the web, access to something that happens in real-time, is another great way to sort of grab information.” -Lillian

  • “In the data, we often see that organic traffic is behaving in high quality through the website. What I mean by that is simply, they are going beyond one page, in general.” -Lillian

  • “An organic visitor is more engaged with the content than one that came from PPC and definitely one that came from social media.” -Lillian

  • “Bringing those people into a stage where they are wanting to get in touch or they want to sign up for more of your content, is a mix of methods. We can do user-based notifications to encourage them to do something or take a look at something else.” -Lillian

  • “People have to search to find your content. Literally. They have to go to a search engine, type in a query,and select you to get to the content which has some sort of selection-bias as opposed to you seeking them out and presenting it to them when they are not necessarily in hunting mode.” -Ben

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