Optimizing (and updating) your content for B2B success

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    How brands in content marketing business can optimize and update their content for SEO success
    ? 05:20 -Common things that brands struggling with visibility can do


  • “For an SEO, it often goes beyond just SEO when you work in the industry. You need to think about what happens when they get to the website and this is also where Google is developing or has been developing for years. That they are rewarding businesses that gives people a good experience from the website.” -Lillian

  • “Look after those people once they get to the website. Invite them through good content to keep exploring the website, go further to find out more, and read more. These are all about very strategically placed calls to action.” -Lillian

  • “The biggest takeaway for me here is that theres data that you are looking at to understand where the content is breaking down. The first thing you said, is lets make the assumption that you are getting traffic, well thats a data point. If you have content, you can look at where the traffic patterns are and that helps you understand what problem number one might be.” -Ben

  • “The second component is when someone does come from organic search, what is the usability of that page, and are you driving the right calls to action.” -Ben

  • “They need to do some keyword research and ensure that the landing page, the metadata is actually optimized for those keywords that makes sense for this particular piece of content.” -Lillian

  • “The future of the way search engines are working is absolutely topic-based and its been like this for quite a while. So we want to be careful with things like keyword stuffing, overdoing it, and making the content look really silly by throwing in all your keywords in there.” -Lillian

  • “You need to start with, Is the topic relevant? and when you are writing about something, is there a demand. The indicator there is what is the search volume and is the topic youre writing about relevant to your brand.”-Ben

  • “It makes common sense in actually knowing the architecture of your own website. The architecture is the core of everything. This is where topics should be very clearly laid out in advance as much as possible so you know where these topics live on your website.” -Lillian

  • “At the end of the day, like any good CRO project, start with your benchmark, identify the parameters of the test, change something and then see the outcome when your test has enough data to be assessed.” -Lillian

  • “Its important that you are getting access to the right data. You might be getting lots of traffic to the page and to me this is the investigation of what is the user-intent for a given page, what are the queries that they are searching for to get to that page and how are you placing the right call to action in the right place to provide value to the customer to get them to want to take the next step.” -Ben

  • “If you are not getting a conversion volume, it doesnt necessarily mean that the content is not valuable.You can look at your data, understand the time on site. If theyre getting to the page and bouncing, you got to fix the top of the page.” -Ben

  • “You need to start with a content audit and a general SEO audit to find out what is there right now that could be better.” -Lillian

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