How to evaluate your B2B SEO efforts

Show Notes

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    Ways to use data to understand the performance and impact of your SEO efforts
    ? 05:26 -Mapping the CRM data to your content performance


  • “A fundamental thing to mention that I do focus on is in B2B, no matter what industry you are in, the buying cycle is not linear. So youre not starting in awareness and that ends up in buying. You are going around in loops and coming back again and again.” -Lillian

  • “This non-linear experience means that you have so many different KPIs along the way as people move through the buyer journey from awareness to purchase or awareness to cancel purchase again or awareness to Im a little bit interested to Im not interested anymore. There are all these different pathways.” -Lillian

  • “From a KPI perspective, you can look at all the different touchpoints as best as you can depending on what kind of software you got in place to understand the patterns that happen in your business and evolve over time.” -Lillian

  • “This middle section is where it all gets a bit fuzzy where we do miss a lot of information. Someone is having a conversationwith a salesperson or they are having a conversation with a colleague, theres no tracking there most of the time, so you are really stuck with that first and last point.” -Lillian

  • “The challenge then is we need to measure something. We need to know is that content or is that website good enough. We can look at the first and last touchpoint and we can also get a little bit smarter and look at whats the journey on the way.” -Lillian

  • “Anything online can be tracked and if you set things up in a way thatmakes sense for analysis, then you need to backtrack through that data. If there is a long piece of standing content for the website, there will be data associated with that in terms of repeat visits, new vs returning visitors, so you need to pay attention to that.” -Lillian

  • “When you do an audit of the content, this is multi-faceted. Its not only on your website, but its also connected to your sales and revenue. This gives you insight into those situations where perhaps you thought something was a really good idea and you should create content around this topic, you go ahead and do it as a team and no one really searches the topic and youre bummed.” -Lillian

  • “The ways to evaluate is not always clear. Every brand is a bit different and we are all a unique snowflake and its very hard to attribute what value is coming from a piece of content because it can be impactful to a prospect at different stages of their buyers journey.” -Ben

  • “Developing content that can birth is the name of the game. Its all, again, based on the learnings of the past.” -Lillian

  • “I definitely suggest sticking with the buyers journey, looking at what problems you solve at each stage, and really diving into that topic with your content choices.” -Lillian

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