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Patty Johnson, Senior Content Marketing Manager at Searchmetrics, offers their 2021 eCommerce study findings on electronics. Players in the electronics industry deal with the challenge of distinguishing themselves from their competitors. Those finding success with customers online are serving their informational query needs. Today, Patty takes a look at electronics and eCommerce SEO

Show Notes

  • 01:55
    What happened in electronics this year
    Electronics is still dealing with a supply chain shortage which has driven prices up.Customers are asking a lot of questions before buying. Media companies are dominating this space as well.
  • 03:20
    Specific searches for electronics
    Because a lot of people are still at home, searches for laptops, phones, and desktops are still on the rise.
  • 04:22
    Brands dominating the sector
    Traditional brands like Best Buy are doing well. Customers have the convenience of going directly to brands. Theres also the ability to do comparisons before purchasing.
  • 05:25
    Why legacy brands are ranking higher
    Legacy brands invest in SEO and provide customers with a wealth of information via their blogs and product pages. Customers stay on these sites longer and are more likely to return.
  • 05:58
    Other things happening in the electronics industry
    Like other industries, search volume is on the rise. It has increased over 100% since 2019.
  • 6:23
    Why search volume is increasing
    The high number of informational searches indicate that customers are asking a variety of questions before they make any purchases.
  • 7:26
    Electronics winners
    Media outlets are the ones occupying Googles first page. eCommerce sites are missing out on the top spots because they arent satisfying customer informational queries.


  • "Computers and electronics have a higher price point. So there's lots of information that people need to understand before they're pressing buy." -Patty Johnson, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "With the ability to buy online, more brand focused domains are doing well. Like Lenovo and HP." -Patty Johnson, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "Brands in the top 10 invest more in SEO. They have a wealth of information on their sites. So people stay longer on their sites and are returning visitors." -Patty Johnson, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "Search volume on electronics has grown 119% since 2019." -Patty Johnson, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "Media outlets are producing information first instead of product and product pages. People are looking for this. So theyre the only ones ranking." -Patty Johnson, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

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