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Searchmetrics’ Senior Content Marketing Manager, Patty Johnson, looks at health and fitness in eCommerce. People are taking health into their own hands. There’s increasing interest in home therapies and overall holistic health. Online health resources are doing a great job of delivering the content consumers desire. Today, Patty covers the increase in health related searches

Show Notes

  • 02:22
    What has happened in health and fitness this year
    Health related queries increased. The pandemic drove these searches up. But people are also engaging in more research before buying due to the personal nature of health.
  • 03:42
    Why health and fitness search volume increased
    Apart from the pandemic, focus on holistic healthcare is a rising trend among consumers. People are looking to more online health resources like WebMD for answers.
  • 05:02
    Selling products versus providing information
    Though media outlets are still dominating the search engine, eCommerce players Amazon and Walgreens are still managing to rank in top spots.
  • 06:40
    Search terms with the highest interest
    People were most interested in topics and products associated with home healthcare. Searches included things like, mobility and accessibility products, spermicides, and light therapy lamps.


  • "In the health sector, we're finding that informational searches are reigning supreme because these search terms are very personal and emotional for people." -Patty Johnson, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "Amazon, CVS, and Walgreens are the only 3 eCommerce providers in our top 10." -Patty Johnson, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "When people made the switch to working at home due to the pandemic, there was a rise in prioritization of personal and mental health." -Patty Johnson, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "The content industry, medical profession, Healthline, WebMD, are the big winners when it comes to health and fitness in the last year." -Benjamin Shapiro, Host, VOS podcast

  • "Web MD, Healthline, and are in the top 10 in personal and mental health." -Patty Johnson, Sr. Content Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

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