How Covid affected consumer behavior — Tyson Stockton // Searchmetrics

Show Notes

  • ? 02:13
    How COVID affected the buyer behavior which changes the buyer journey
    ? 04:08 -The Empire Strikes Back, i.e., the Rise of the Laptop and how it impacts the buyer journey


  • “It is more because of how user behavior is changing. We are spending more time at home, spending more time online. We saw the first time there is a rise on desktop searches vs mobile because people are into their computers more.” -Tyson

  • “Those elements of how our lives are changing are also then, inherently just changing how we look for products, howlong of a journey it is, and the different touchpoints. That evolves as this whole time evolves.” -Tyson

  • “Its not that there is a mobile-use fallout. Its just that we saw an increase from what we have seen in recent trends for the last couple of years. I would still encourage everyone to have parity between desktop and mobile and I would still optimize the mobile, first, because we know in the longer-run, that is going to continue to be the primary.” -Tyson

  • “With regards to how it has impacted thebuyers journey, this is highly dependent on categories or segments. You also have advantages of some things like a higher conversion on desktops. That could be a slippery slope. Some categories are doing well right now and some categories are not so hot. But I think there are advantages that people can use in terms of having a higher volume of desktop traffic.” -Tyson

  • “People are being more conservative in their spending, in general so with that, I think there is a longer and more thought out decision-making process.” -Tyson

  • “I think, sometimes, with how much time we are spending online the buyers journey, in some ways, becomes a little bit more like an escape for some people.” -Tyson

  • “One thing that smart marketers or SEOs are doing in general is, for instance, they are in a cold segment or industry that is not converting as well, we are shifting that focus and acquiring more landscape or ownership of that early stage buy-in funnel, isgoing to be more critical because that is going to help them later when maybe the conversions come back.” -Tyson

  • “Heres the good news. We finally found a bright spot in the coronavirus outbreak where people are spending more time getting educated. Theyare consuming more content that is informational and hopefully, that leads to generally better decisions and consuming smarter with content.” -Ben

  • People are spending more time doing research. That potentially makes SEO more competitive at the top of the funnel and also allows you to cast a wider net and reach more of your potential customers.” -Ben

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