Industries most impacted by COVID — Tyson Stockton // Searchmetrics

Show Notes

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    Biggest industries that have been affected positively and how they changed the buyers journey to meet the demand
    ? 05:54 -Different impact between retail and e-commerce


  • “Lets start off with an easy one, retail. E-commerce is definitely the one that had gone well through this but I would note that it is such a broad category or industry that it is definitely not equal throughout that.” -Tyson

  • “Within e-commerce, you have categories that are quite doing well such as fitness, sporting goods, one of the few activities that people can get into. But then, high-end luxury fashion has not done well. Home gardening and home improvement areas also did well.” -Tyson

  • “One thing is just having relevant information. A lot of companies that have an online presence also have things like in-storeor curbside pickup and having that verbiage added to their actual landing pages, telling them if they want to come by the store, this is how it is picked up, it is safe.” -Tyson

  • “What is universal is having information and content on your pages that address this very relevant, specific need that consumers will have.” -Tyson

  • “We know people are still ingesting a lot of information but maybe the conversions arent happening yet, I would say that having that focus early in the buying funnel where it was just inspirational type, it is in those informational queries that we are talking about, that is good usage to get your name out there, get people in that early-stage familiar with your product for what your offering is.” -Tyson

  • “I think it is important to highlight that if you are a retail store, some of the things that you need on your pages are socially-distant notification. Letting people know how they can purchase items safely. I think Google is looking for that content as well.” -Ben

  • “From the macro lens, if I was to say who is doing the best through this time within e-commerce, I am going to lean towards the bigger stores because they have local inventories.” -Tyson

  • “Other industries that were positively impacted were Netflix, Zoom -these online conferencing platforms. Also, just entertainment in general, and social also has done quite well.” -Tyson

  • “I think a lot of people have both been looking for that escape or that light at the end of the tunnel where they can be a little more mobile and free and on the other hand, which ties back into these buyers journey that we are looking for, you have a huge search demand or increase on a lot of those safety measures, such as whats the cancellation policy?, how do I change my reservation?. So you have that influx of people who may have already booked or looking to book something but want to have that security.” -Tyson

  • “So what you need to do with your content is you have to be going back and refreshing a lot of it because as Google adjusts its algorithm to whats relevant, now there is going to be this added need of cancellation policy.” -Tyson

  • “I think that as time goes on and the longer that we see this, Google is going to be picking that and depicting it as relevant content through that query intent and thats when you can see actual gains by having that information too. It is going to the user, target the user, and dont target Google this is an illustration of that.” -Tyson

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