Reconsidering your buyers journey — Tyson Stockton // Searchmetrics

Show Notes

  • ? 02:14
    Where to look first in addressing changing consumer behaviors
    ? 03:42 -Changes in user intent


  • “The first piece of that is to take an honest look at whats been going on. Get a pulse of what your search demand is or what your categories for search demand are. If you are in e-commerce, you are going to have some hot and cold categories and that will give a line of sight of what is an opportunity.” -Tyson

  • “I think its also about looking out into the future, like what Black Friday is going to look like. Anticipating your position on how you can get in front of that especially from content production, that lead time of developing the material should be considered.” -Tyson

  • “If I am going down to prioritization, If I was e-commerce I would look at the hot categories and I would look at the more critical stage of the buying journey and thats going to be the products and category pages. Make sure you have pertinent information on the availability of products and pick those quick one-offs that are easy to implement.” -Tyson

  • “In most cases, it is not the keyword intent that is changing. It is more of the demand of the other intents.” -Tyson

  • “There is intent in the keyword. It becomes informational as opposed to what it used to be, being transactional. People are doing research so keywords are changing.” -Ben

  • “One of the key pieces is changing the keyword search volume so that can be on a microlevel of that individual keyword. It could be in clustering or grouping, something that we do quite a bit at Searchmetrics.” -Tyson

  • “When you reconsider your buyers journey, first you have to understand how your site was impacted, think about the users journey, and making sure that you are adjusting your existing content to address the user experience that needs to change when everyone is sheltering in place.” -Ben

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