The Don’t for SEO in the wake of COVID — Tyson Stockton // Searchmetrics

Show Notes

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    What not to do when you are rethinking your buyers journey
    ? 05:16 -Things outside of your processes that you should reconsider in the buyers journey


  • “I am a pretty strong advocate of companies who invest in technical SEO during this time as well as content but the reality is, a lot of companies are dealing with limited work hours, or maybe smaller staff so something has to give.” -Tyson

  • “Within content specifically, I would say the one thing you should be avoiding is not having a one-size-fits-all approach. Being hyper-focused into the categories or areas, whether its upper-funnel content or specific categories within your e-commerce SKU portfolio and so I think it is being selective with the right type of information and the right area to focus.” -Tyson

  • “Try to be smarter and not just work more. Be a little more strategic and part of that is re-evaluating your process and a lot of times with content, you have these multiple people touching it and having a tight streamline process but also using data and tools to help facilitate that.” -Tyson

  • “I was talking to a close friend who runs an e-commerce company and he was saying that the strength of their business is their relationship with their content providers, their ability tdo digital marketing but the logistics part is really challenging now in the coronavirus-era.” -Ben

  • “My advice to them was to outsource logistics. This is a time in the world where you can make a big swing and big change. Not that you should use coronavirus as an excuse but it does give you leverage to make some changes and focus on the things that you are going to be exceptional at.” -Ben

  • “I think it is a time back to rely on the data and the tools to be validating that instinct and as an SEO and as a Content Manager or just someone running an organization, you know your customers and you know your business and you need to be putting data and backing that to validate that that is whats going on.” -Tyson

  • “I think that there will be things we know to anticipate andforce becoming but theres going to be elements that we dont predict and that is where data and being more sophisticated in what youre looking at and how youre looking at it becoming your North Star and the point that is going to ground you.” -Tyson

  • “I think you need to still take the fundamental approach to SEO in being data-driven, understanding what your consumers want, looking at the data that youre getting both internally and also looking at the signals that Google is giving you.” -Ben

  • “The biggest recommendation here that I would give is, this is the time to do it and it doesnt mean that you have to scrap the entire page and in this case, this is another dont. Dont just scrap existing content. Think more about how you can be efficient, how you can add or reiterate on an existing content that makes it relevant today.” -Tyson

  • “I think the takeaway here is you have to remain data-driven. Its a brand new world and you have to understand the signals that you are getting from your website, from Google, and the try to do some customary search in understanding what their intent and expectations are as well.” -Ben

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