Preparing for the uncertain future of SEO — Tyson Stockton // Searchmetrics

Show Notes

  • ? 02:13
    Building a flexible and modifiable SEO strategies
    ? 04:19 -Preparing our SEO strategies for the unknown by the end of this year


  • “We can place bets but there are a fair amount of things that cant be mapped out with certainty. We have to have this notion of validation through data and re-checking it in changing search behaviors and trends.” -Tyson

  • “Stop doing things that may not be your core competency area and focus on the area that you do well. Those types of pieces will help prepare and make companies more agile to adapt to these kinds of changes.” -Tyson

  • “Think about where you are placing bets. Think of your time and your teams time. You want to be somewhat diversified but you want to have a good portion that is your safe bets.” -Tyson

  • “I would say that even more so in previous years, I would start earlier this year. That way when the due come, whether it is inching forward and again my personal opinion this year is that it is going to come earlier. Weve seen this the last couple of years but it is not going to be pointed at like specific days versus periods of time.” -Tyson

  • “I think having the content baked early is probably a good idea because thats the easiest thing to modify. I think your technical changes and doing your foundation are the things that you really need to nail right now.” -Ben

  • “The last thing to me is, there is a lot of coordination with your cross-functional team that has to happen in the holidays. This is a chance for you to be a leader.” -Ben

  • “There are a lot of quality freelance resources that are available right now so taking advantage of those out early is going to be advantageous so again, you are prepared and ready.” -Tyson

  • “Generally speaking, we have a longer buying cycle so be prepared and make sure that you have that upper-funnel content, youre getting the brand awareness especially if your category isnt moving as quickly right now. Be prepared for that longer time frame and also be agile and flexible when the timeline shifts.” -Tyson

  • “So, I think we need to have more preparation than the previous years, taking a broader look at content and how you can capitalize on people being more online right now with higher search demands.” -Tyson

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