Structuring your site for international SEO — Sarah Presch // Searchmetrics

Show Notes

  • 01:49
    Multi-language SEO helps you get your content to an interested party wherever they are in the world. Without the language barrier, you can increase your market share.
  • 02:41
    Getting started with multi
    Figure out your target audience, find out their official or most popular languages, and then you can get started on your SEO setup.
  • 04:46
    Four main options for internationalising your content
    You can get a freelance translator to translate your SEO, an international digital marketing agency, a larger translation company, or a local SEO expert.
  • 05:58
    Deciding what route to take to internationalize your SEO
    All four routes have their benefits and drawbacks. It all boils down to what are the main priorities for your internationalization plan. When making this decision, factors like finances, strategy, and type of business come into play.
  • 08:55
    Content cost for internationalization
    Simply translating your website into another language is not enough to rank in that language. While it does cost a pretty penny, adding that layer of SEO on top makes all the difference.
  • 10:18
    Agency cost versus freelancer cost
    The costs are pretty similar if you're trying to decide whether to use an agency or freelancer to translate your website. You would work on an as-needed basis in this case.
  • 11:13
    Where your strategy comes into play
    The strategy is really the differentiation among these options for internationalising your SEO. So your decision will be based on your business goals, finances, and the timelines that youre working with.


  • Statistics show that over 70% of people actually prefer to buy in their native language." - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "You're going to have to optimize your website for French and for German, if you actually want your products to be found or in the first few places." - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • "You're not going to want to target the 10,000 foreigners in the country as opposed to the millions of people that live there." - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • “If you want to go with a full blown digital marketing strategy and your focus is going to be on SEO, definitely go for the person with the SEO background.” - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

  • “There's 2 facets of internationalization. 1 is the translation and internationalization of your content. And then the 2nd is what your strategy is.” - Benjamin Shapiro, Host of VOS podcast

  • “When you translate your content, it's not going to be optimized. And people arent going to be able to find your website if it's not optimized.” - Sarah Presch, Sr Customer Marketing Manager, Searchmetrics

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